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Tantric Activation is a community designed to support you in living a tantric lifestyle. Tantra teaches us that everything has consciousness. The trees, the grass, our pain, our pleasure all have consciousness. Tantric Activation is a system that embraces this and using this awareness, brings sensations of aliveness back into our bodies, waking us up to the pleasures of life. Humans can tend to disassociate from pain and when we do this, we can become numb to all sensations. We are here to support you as you begin to feel all parts of yourself again. Sign up for your free membership and enjoy being a part of a community of individuals that are also excited about living a tantric lifestyle.

Activation Series

Every month, Sarrah Rose will present a new Activation Series designed to stimulate and awaken the tantric energy that you have within.

Private Interviews

Access private interviews with Sarrah Rose and special guests regarding thought provoking Tantra, sex, love and relationship related topics.

Private Community

Connect with other individuals that love to explore the depth of possibilities. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you are welcome here.

Inside Tantric Activation

You’ll receive access to private courses designed for sexual healing, empowerment, and awakening

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Love and Pleasure Challenge #4

Sarrah Rose

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Love and Pleasure Challenge #1

Sarrah Rose

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Love and Pleasure Challenge #2

Sarrah Rose

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