Are you a man that is divorced or unhappily married?

At Man On Fire, we help you ignite your fire again. 

Your sex life is meant to be passionate!

>> No more dead attraction between the two of you

>> No more wondering if you should stay together or break up

>> No more second guessing whether or not you’re truly pleasing her or if she’s just faking

You can create a deeper love, built upon a thriving relationship that has your woman desiring you and begging you for more so that you never get bored in the bedroom.


Man on FIRE

THE ONLY Sex & Relationship UNIVERSITY


Can you relate?

You’re a high-achieving man. Out in the world, you get respect and people answer to you, but you’re not getting the same vibes when you get home.

When you try to have sex you get rejected because she’s too tired from work, too busy with the kids and other life stuff (but you know she’s just making excuses)

Maybe you suffer from premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, porn addiction, or just can’t make her orgasm.

And you’re left feeling frustrated and like you’re failing at this part of your life.

I get it, you want it to be like it was in the beginning!



Hi, I'm Sarrah Rose


For the past 9 years, I’ve been helping men just like you turn sexual shame and struggles into the best sex of their lives.

If you’re feeling like you’re failing at this part of your life—don’t worry I’ve got your back.

You weren’t given the right education and the right training to have good sex. It’s not taught in school, church, or porn.

And maybe you’ve tried reading a bunch of self-help books or listened to sex podcasts.

Or went to the doctor only to have him tell you it’s in your head.

Or tried pills that make you feel even more insecure.

You’re not alone.

Most caring and intelligent men really need this help!

You don’t need to give up or consider divorce.

The fact is that the issues are biological and we can hack your biology.

I’ll help you deal with this at an emotional and psychological level which will totally transform not just your sex life but all areas of your life.

I created Man on Fire so it’s the LAST program you’ll ever need to truly satisfy your woman.

She’s waiting for you to show up in a new way ….

“She said, 'God, you’re incredible!' I don’t share this just to stroke my ego. I’m just so thankful for the beauty and depth of experience, pleasure, and love that we both are opening up to.”

6-Month Coaching Program


No More Feeling Lost & Uninspired

I’ll guide you through this process so you can enjoy 10x better sex along with the relationship stability and peace you are really craving.

What's inside the program:

Six months of direct coaching with me

Get direct access to the insane amounts of information that I have in my head that is going to get you on track to have the best sex of your life.

(6) 60-minute private coaching sessions with your Success Coach

During these sessions, you’ll get personalized attention to deep dive into areas that you want to explore in more detail.

Video & Audio Guides for Self-Study

Your problems in your sex life are a result of not having training in this area. I’ll give you the exact process to get you what you want and be who you want.

Support and Accountability Coaching

You’re entering new terrain here. What you’ve been doing isn’t working so I’m showing you another way and you’re going to be supported every step of the way.

Access to the private group that is exclusive to Man on Fire members

This is where you have real conversations about sex and relationships that empower your life.

Black Belt Rewards System

I only work with highly driven men that are here to succeed and I reward those that show me what they’re made of.

Sex Stallion Training

Do you ejaculate too fast? If you don’t have the stamina to go for 20-40 minutes then the answer is yes. You’re not going to have that problem anymore.

MVP Method

Many men lose the interest of the woman they care deeply about. She stops wanting sex and they have no idea why. Women want to feel your power and I’m going to train you to have it all.

Come Together

Maybe she can’t orgasm, she has sexual trauma or sex is painful for her. You can help her heal so you can have incredible sex together.


You’ve gotta know the right spots and also how to stimulate them the right way to really get her off. Are you worried that she’s faking it? She probably is but not anymore.

Tantric CPR

I’ve seen dead relationships come back to life. If you want your relationship to work, it can happen. Here’s the oxygen you’ve been needing.

The Comeback Tour

Having the skills that get your woman coming back to you over and over is something only rock stars have. Be her rock star.

Peak Performance

Yeah, your intellect has gotten you great success in your career and it’s killing your sex life. Get out of your head and defeat performance anxiety once and for all.

The Porn Matrix 

Men know when porn is crushing their sex lives but it’s a habit that’s so hard to kick. This strategy will unplug you from the porn matrix and propel you into sexual ecstasy.

Fire Starter

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation? Reignite your fire. It’s time to take care of this part of your life once and for all.

“I have gone from a sexual klutz in the bedroom to one who has confidence in himself from the boardroom to the bedroom. I not only have had the best sex of my life since joining, I’ve also learned what it means to be fully and spiritually connected with a woman and become the lover she has always dreamed about. For me this has resulted in finding the love of my life and taking that love to another level through the wonderful intimate experiences we’ve had together. And this past weekend we got engaged! I’m afraid to think what would have happened had I not found Man on Fire. I can only say that all the hard work and dedication I’ve put in has resulted in the woman and the relationship of my dreams.”


It's time you were successful at this part of your life too

Just imagine: 

🔥  Finally feeling what you’ve been missing from your life: a highly pleasurable and erotic sex life. Boom!
🔥  Tapping into your inner badass that you’ve always wanted to tap into but never knew how (even if you don’t believe you have an inner badass, you do)
🔥  Having the type of passionate sex that gives her multiple orgasms 
🔥  Talking & laughing over dinner like you’re best friends   
🔥  Knowing how to be a better man and give her the intimacy she really wants from you
🔥  Having more vitality, (aka last longer, be harder, please her in new ways) 
🔥  Ending your struggles with any type of sexual dysfunction rooted in psychological and emotional causes  
🔥  Diving into your business ventures, AND opening yourself up to the connection you’re craving by eliminating drama and creating stability at home
🔥  Helping your partner to heal sexually and experience a deep and meaningful relationship that you can’t even convey through words
🔥  Feeling an enormous increase in sexual power and having her begging you for sex (psst …  sexual power is not what you think it is. It doesn’t come from fucking a lot of women, having threesomes, trying anal sex or having a big dick, although that’s cool too)


Every day I see men that have multiple 6-, 7- and 8-figure success in their careers… but in their sex lives and relationships, they are begging and bargaining to have basic needs met.

Right now, you have a unique opportunity in front of you. In the Man on Fire program, I am going to give you everything you need to become the best version of yourself that you have ever been. 

The Man on Fire program is a group training program which means that you’ll be in a community with other badass men that are in a similar situation as you for six whole months.

In this program, I’ll share with you the exact same strategies and practices that I’ve only shared with private clients who routinely invest $50,000 to work with me.

I’ll be there to listen to every issue you have and provide the solutions that have been proven to work to get your partner or your future partner begging you for sex…even if you don’t feel that you could attract that into your life.

By being part of this group, you’ll see that you’re not the only one going through challenges, and you’ll be part of an incredible tribe of like-minded men that can help you break through and keep you accountable.

I record every training so that you can go back and drill it over and over again and finally achieve the sexual mastery that you’ve been dying to have.

As I mentioned, my private coaching is $50,000 for six months, but you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

In fact, you’re only going to make a one-time investment of $10,000. 


I don’t just accept anyone into this program.

Men that are chosen are hand-selected, and the way that you can be chosen is very simple. All you have to do is schedule an introductory call with me where we’ll go over your situation and most importantly, we’ll go over how I can be the most impactful to your life.

If we find that we’re a fit to work together, then you’ll be invited to join Man on Fire.

But if not, no worries, because every man that does get on a call with me, walks away with something they can do right away to see an improvement in their life.

Since I don’t have enough time to talk to every single person that I’d love to talk to, there’s a small deposit to get on the phone with me. That deposit is only $100.

Once you click the button to get on a call with me, you’ll select the call time, fill out a few questions that will help me know how I can make the most impact in your life and then make the small, initial investment.

After that, we’ll sit down together and see if we’re a match.

Prefer private coaching? Click here to find out about CEO on Fire.

Got a Question?

What if I’m already divorced? Or not currently with someone?

If you’re relationship-minded, you’re in the right place.

Divorce leaves many men without direction.

Their confidence is shot and they don’t know how to function optimally.

There’s a huge void in their life that they may fill with unsatisfactory women, they often bury themselves in work, they drink more than they should.

The work that I do with men helps them bring these patterns from the subconscious to the conscious so that they can be healed and so that they can be free and no longer live feeling angry, sad, hurt, guilty, and fearful.

Healing the original story, healing the root emotion will free you.

Living with self-sabotage patterns is completely unnecessary and yet so many people do it.

When you get to the root of your problems, you can eliminate them rather than try to avoid them.

When you suppress them, they just become larger and larger and they control your life.

Is this only for committed male/female relationships?

This program is for any man who is interested in improving his relationship with women, whether you’re in a monogamous relationship, open relationship, or currently single.

Who is Sarrah Rose?

Sarrah Rose coaches high-performing men who aren’t having the best sex of their lives, and are serious about optimizing every aspect of themselves, to finally have a sex life and relationship that is as successful as their career.

She is a Certified Men’s Sex and Relationship Coach with over 20 years of experience in personal and spiritual development. She has traveled the world to be trained by top experts and studied over a hundred modern and ancient texts to bring you the best approach to passionate sex and adventurous relationships.

In India, she was initiated into Kundalini Yoga, White Tantra, and Kriya Tantra. She then went on to get certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Leading psychotherapist and couples counselor Esther Perel was one of her mentors. And, she’s studied the art of Domination and Submission.

Her goal is to help you have the best sex of your life and to have a relationship that is the oasis in your crazy day. Every day, she helps successful men self-actualize by filling this void in their life. No sex and bad sex SUCKS and with her help, marriages are saved in the bedroom. As a woman, she can help you understand your woman.

For the past 9 years, Sarrah helped thousands of people turn their sexual shame and struggles into the best sex of their lives. Sarrah has been featured in Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Self, the New York Post, and more. Through her podcast, emails, online immersions, coaching programs, and collaborations with other teachers and experts, she reaches millions of people worldwide, facilitating profound life transformations – all while having fun and laughing with her clients.

"I had been recently divorced, feeling like a lost soul in need of answers and didn’t know what to do to institute the change in my life I wanted to see. I signed up for the Man on Fire program because I didn’t want my past to define me. I wanted to cultivate confidence in and out of the bedroom and I wanted to know myself. The depth to which you know your own self, you may know another, and this program is a clear path to deep and meaningful intimacy. I wanted to cultivate deep meaningful relationships, work through the trauma of my divorce and have mind boggling, multi-orgasmic sex.

This program has taught me how to embody my potential, own my primal sexuality and thrive along the journey. All I can say is that I’m grateful I signed up! I’m having the best sex of my life with an amazing partner, my personal and professional relationships are robust and healthy and I have an abundance of sexual energy. It took work and dedication and I’m glad I used my free time to level up. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for my own personal and professional development."

- Jeff
"After being in the program for a short time, I realized that it is so much more than just about having a better sex life. It is about making me a better man on mental and emotional levels as well as sexual.

I am 100% sure if I would've started the program sooner, our marriage would've been saved because Man on Fire deals with so many of the issues that were detrimental to the marriage, such as intimacy, effective communication, knowing needs and desires, and of course, having great sex."

- Robert
"She said I'm the most amazing sexual partner she's had!"
- David W
“The best part of the Man on Fire program was not only did I get a lot of good sexual advice and techniques, but on top of that I got a lot of growth in myself.

This will not only make you better in bed but better at managing your life.

How many programs can actually do that?

You get daily coaching advice, a group of other people in the same position as you, so not only will you feel alone, you also have a community."

- Hanz
“I met a new woman while I was in the Man on Fire program, and we have been having the most intimate and pleasurable sex I’ve had in my life.

She’s an incredible person, and we have shared so much in terms of self-love and healing perspectives.

The work I’ve done around identities and performance anxiety has made it possible for me to stay present, aware, grounded in my own turn-on, and in control of my arousal levels, so that I have been able to last so much longer and have more choice about when I want to have my own orgasm.

I can't say enough about how thrilled I am to experience a greater level of control and confidence, as well as being able to experience a loving relationship, where I’m loving myself through a graceful aware presence.”

- Steven
"This next level of connection has really blossomed and developed as my husband has worked through Sarrah's, Man on Fire, program. His growth has been our growth. As his masculine energy has really come to the surface, my feminine energy has been unshackled in response and these energies together make a sum that is more than its parts.

As for the sex that has resulted from the Man on Fire program, if there are words to describe it, I don't know them. And this is "just the tip" of the iceberg because every time we have sex, it is exponentially more spiritual, emotional, and physically sensational. I am convinced, if they taught this in sex-ed, there would be no more wars. "

- Rebecca
"I could close multimillion dollar deals, but I did not truly LOVE what was looking back at me in the mirror.

Man on Fire helps me to accept my powerful masculinity, all aspects of my character traits and the freedom to express my intimacy with love and compassion.

Man on Fire helps me release this beautiful, powerful, enormous lion that stands beside me today.

Through Sarrah’s program, I now possess a tremendous capacity to introduce my truth, everything as to who I am, into my life - I now feel whole.

- Craig
"I joined Man On Fire to gain sexual confidence. I’d heard countless times from my wife ‘I want more intimacy,” but I didn’t know how to give her that. In Man On Fire, to be honest I’ve learned how to be a better man. Everything about the program is so fucking deep. Things I’ve never heard of - polarity, holding space for women emotionally. I wish I would have had this while I was married. I don’t think that I was a man who created spaces for women to express themselves physically and emotionally. Now I’m a lot better than I was."
- Adrian


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