Hi, I’m Sarrah Rose.

I’m the founder of Tantric Activation, a female-led company that advocates pleasure as a way of life and a path to awakening.

My mission is to make the bliss of tantra accessible for time-starved, modern women like you, so they can experience fearless intimate communion and out-of-this-world lovemaking (whether you have a partner or not!).

When making decisions, I always ask myself, "Is my pussy wet for this?"

Seriously, pleasure is my true north. If it doesn’t turn me on, it’s not for me.

I believe that life is too short not to have fun.

But it hasn’t always been like that.

As the daughter of an Evangelical pastor, I grew up in a secluded religious community in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. My whole upbringing revolved around the church. I prayed to Jesus every day, asking for forgiveness of my sins.

Deep inside, I believed that I wasn’t worthy. Only God’s grace could save me. I wasn’t good enough.

Struggling to fit in, I began disowning my true nature and became the good girl. All for the sake of survival.

Since I was little, I had an intense craving for truth.

The strong inner knowing of my core was resisting the repressive environment I was born into.

My basic self-expression was considered rebellion.

As a result, I shut down my desires and everything that was Sarrah.

Rejection became the equivalent of love.

It comes as no surprise that since I felt so unworthy of love, I was attracted to rejection, it felt like home to me.

Unconditional love has helped me recover from deep-seated trauma

To restore my long-lost confidence and self-love, I’ve spent 19+ years and over $100,000 learning everything I can about Tantra, Yoga, and sexuality.

Training with top experts, I studied hundreds of ancient texts and modern techniques.

In India, I was initiated into Kundalini Yoga, White Tantra, and Kriya Tantra.

I then went on to get certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Plus, the top psychotherapist and couples counselor Esther Perel was one of my mentors.

My goal is to bring you the best approach to ancient wisdom and modern healing.

For the past 9 years, I’ve helped thousands of men and women turn their sexual shame and guilt into multi-orgasmic bliss. (Without all the weird spiritual stuff that comes with most Tantra schools.)

Through my podcast, emails, free online immersions, coaching programs, and collaborations with other teachers and experts, I reach millions of people worldwide, facilitating profound life transformations.

"Sarrah’s not on a mountain looking down, she’s a leader and she’s a woman and a woman that’s further down the path than some of us and she’s guiding us along saying, ‘it’s going to be ok, follow me, I have so much to share, let me share it with you…"
- Kate

What I found to be most true through it all is that the presence of love heals everything.

To me, Tantra means making love to life. Every damn day. Even when it feels tough.

Even when your teenager is screaming and your Hinge date ghosts you.

Even when your pasta boils over and your best friend dismisses something that really hurt you.

Even when you go through court-hearings to fight for custody of your kids while running a business.

That’s when you need this practice most.

That’s when being grounded in unconditional love will save you.


I’m far from perfect. I’m no sage from the stage who always gets it right.

I’m just a single mom running an international company out of my NYC apartment.

What makes me different is that I have made the conscious decision to experience the pleasure of existence in every moment.

And it has completely changed my life.

Now I’m here to help you change yours.

Are you ready to make pleasure your own true north?

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Yes Sarrah, I want to experience the FREE Tantric Activation Immersion!