Do you want to know the truth about being a sexual master?

It has nothing to do with how many orgasms you give her. Fuck orgasms. Forget about orgasms. In order to satisfy her in bed, you’ve got to touch the core of her essence and you can only do that if you know the core of your own essence.

Get real with yourself. Cut the bullshit. Get face to face with your soul. Then get face to face with hers.

That’s the only fucking way to obliterate her. And she wants obliteration much more than she wants orgasms.

Sarrah Rose

Sarrah is tantra practitioner devoted to helping others reach a higher plane of passion and pleasure. She realized early on that the only way to get there was through a holistic approach. You can’t make love better if you do not love yourself, you can’t feel more in intercourse if you are not in touch with your body.

She developed her techniques by studying tantra, mixing in evolutionary biology, and adapting it for practical use in the modern world.

“My sexuality is my compass. What turns me on is my true north.”

Sarrah wasn’t always the liberated teacher she is known to be. Like most of us, she used to needlessly deprive herself of joy and pleasure. Through the study of tantra, she was able to turn her life around. You can read about this remarkable transformation in this article.

Sex Stallion Training

This course is specifically for men who are ready for a personal revolution. It is a total commitment that requires little sacrifice. The training can be completed at home at your convenience.

Be a Stallion


“Sarrah is a true beam of shining light. She has a passion for healing and teaching that she shares selflessly with others. During a Tantric group session, she was able to guide me gently into my inner core where I was able to explore my true self with compassion and love. Sarrah embraces life to the fullest, with love, serenity and a sense of humor. It has been my great honor to know Sarrah and I am a better person for it. Peace.”

– Alonso Bean

“Sarrah has a way of being with her humanity and sexuality, that allows me the space to be with and explore my own sexuality. Her willingness to get back to our primal sexual roots actually leads to our conscious evolution as human beings.”

– Case Erickson

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