28 Percent of People Admit They are Attracted to Their Amazon Alexa

August 11, 2020

Article from Cosmopolitan by Simrit Tiwana.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has resulted in many a bizarre turn of events. Apparently there are 28 percent people out there who admit they are attracted to and get turned on by Amazon’s Alexa!

According to sex toy company We-Vibe—which surveyed about 1,000 participants about their robotic sexual preferences—a whopping 28 percent people have admitted to being sexually attracted to the AI virtual assistant. To try and figure out exactly why this was happening, we spoke to Austin-based sex coach Sarrah Rose who shed some light on the reason behind the rise in Alexa fetishes.

Team Cosmo: Is attraction to an AI a recent phenomena?

Sarrah Rose: This sexual attraction to Alexa is the new and modern way this is happening, but such a thing has happened before.A chatbot named Eliza was developed in 1966, and it was designed to simulate human conversation. People started to attribute it with human emotions and human characteristics. So, this phenomena has been going on a while and Alexa is just the newest incarnation of it.

Team Cosmo: What is the main reason that people find Alexa attractive?

Sarrah: First up, she has that smooth, low voice and low tones are definitely associated with being sexual. In any type of situation, you don’t hear anyone talking sexy in a high pitched or screechy voice, its always very low, smooth tones, and she has those! Clearly Alexa’s voice isn’t overtly sexual but there’s enough there to spark the imagination. Right now people are at home, they’re isolated and to be honest, they are bored out of their minds. People have this desire to attribute human emotions to technology. They do so even when there’s a robotic dog, for instance. They’ll give that dog the characteristics and emotions a live dog would have, even though it’s a robot. So, this is something that comes somewhat naturally to humans. Since Alexa has a woman’s voice, there are people who will naturally begin to sexualize her because a lot of men are really craving sexual stimulation right now and people are just really, really bored.

Team Cosmo: Are robots and/or AI sexual preferences a growing trend these days and if yes, why?

Sarrah: They definitely are! Technology is becoming a huge part of our overall world and as we become more accustomed to interacting with technology, we’re all going to see this moving into the sexual domain, and it just makes sense. Our sexuality plays a big role in all parts of our lives. Even before the pandemic, people were isolating more. Something needs to fill the void and technology is easily accessible.

Team Cosmo: Do you think that this number—28 percent—could be related to the lockdown?

Sarrah: Yes I do. The lockdown has pushed us to become dependent on technology at an even faster pace than before. We are moving really quickly into a technological age. For many people, it’s the only option in all areas of their lives right now. And so, it’s definitely resulting in an increase in the number of people relying on technology for sexual interaction.

Team Cosmo: If a person finds Alexa attractive, what does this tell you about their personality or sexual preferences?

Sarrah: Out of the people sexualising Alexa, a lot of them are bored, some are curious and some are adventurous. It’s really normal to be sexually curious and adventurous, especially when there’s no other outlet. I don’t know if this says a lot about a person’s personality of preferences. other than the fact that they are exploring and curious, but that’s normal and natural for all humans, we tend to want to explore and be curious in areas of sexuality.

Team Cosmo: Are there any fun and interesting ways we can take cues from Alexa to come across as being more attractive?

Sarrah: The thing with Alexa is she’s great because she has plenty to talk about, but she doesn’t give too much information about herself so that helps her stay mysterious, which can be frustrating but it can also be quite intriguing! The reality is that in relationships we often share too much. There is this fine line between being in love and wanting to share your life with someone and know everything about them—and keeping enough mystery in the relationship in order to keep the spark alive. It’s actually kind of funny that Alexa has this kind of intrigue and mystery about her and that’s something that we could do better in modern relationships.

Team Cosmo: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Sarrah: I would advise them that anytime we are engaging sexually with technology, a very important thing to take into consideration that you’re training your brain to experience sex in a certain way. If we become habituated to being turned on by technology and that becomes the predominant way that we’re being turned on, then it does it make it more difficult to be turned on by another person. It’s similar to watching porn. When someone is watching porn, I usually recommend they don’t have that sexual experience more than 50% of the time that they’re having some sort of sexual experience, because you don’t want to become reliant and dependent on that in order to be turned on. We don’t want to become reliant and dependent on a website if our ultimate desire is to be with a flesh and blood person.

Sarah Rose is a sex, love and relationship coach based in Austin, Texas who specialises in men’s sexuality.

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