Alexa I Love You: Men Admit To Being Attracted To Alexa In Lockdown, Finds Survey

August 7, 2020

Article from ScoopWhoop by Sumedha tripathi.

Alexa, say that you love me. 

If you’ve talked to Amazon’s Alexa just to pass your time or just to have a little fun, well.. let’s say we all have done that. But feelings (and emotions) have slightly changed towards this voice-recognition software since the lockdown came into existence.

According to research by We-vibe which surveyed over 1,000 participants about their robotic sexual preferences, 28% of them admitted that they had the hots for Alexa. 

Due to the lockdown, users said they liked communicating with her since they didn’t have anyone to talk to and in that process helplessly even started lusting after her.

But what is about Alexa that people like the most? Texas-based relationship expert Sarrah Rose told NY Post that it is her smooth voice.

“[Alexa’s] been set up to sound very reassuring and calming. But it has that low, sexy tone. People associate a sexy voice with low tones to it, and her voice has that. That can be part of what’s turning guys on and making them attracted to her.”

But apart from her smooth voice, there’s a lot more that’s attracting people to Alexa. Voice actor Kay Bess added, “AI voices don’t really have ‘an opinion’. Moreover, when you combine the following three things—a voice with soothing qualities, the neutrality of opinion, and a voice to whom you’re asking questions and can receive real answers without judgment—you’ve got the makings of a type of attraction.”

However, dirty talking with Alexa should particularly be refrained. In 2019, several ex-Amazon employees claimed that the e-commerce giant is listening to civilians through the device.

Alexa, play, Quit Playing Games With My Heart. 

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