Stop Booty Calling Your Ex at 3 AM

June 27, 2019


Let’s face it – whether it’s after a night of drinking or just an urge you can’t deny, guys everywhere have time and time again contact scrolled and booty called to fulfill their late night desires. And while you might have the confidence of King Midas at 2 AM after 6 (or 7) rum coolers, no one likes seeing those texts the next morning. Ashley asking why you sent her lyrics to a P Diddy song. Jessica wondering why you sent her a picture of you in your kickball league. It’s not a situation you want to be in. Unless of course, you’re on the receiving end of those texts

Women have been taught to not act desperate. To not come off as thirsty. This being the case, females rarely send those late night texts and booty calls. Either because they don’t have anyone in their contacts who can provide what they’re looking for, or because, as we said, they don’t want to look desperate. But human nature is human nature, and as a sex coach, I’ll be the first to tell you that women are as horny as men.

That being said, if a woman doesn’t believe she can get what she’s looking for, she’s not going to waste her time. Learning how to satisfy a woman can be a lot harder than satisfying a man. But what if you did have what she was looking for? What if you could pleasure a woman the way she wants to be pleasured? Well, then you might start getting a lot less sleep, and a lot more action.


Turning into the man that gets late night texts is no easy transformation. You’ve got to know how to eat pussy, how to finger her just right, and how to set the mood. But beyond those game time skills, how a man presents himself – whether he is confident, funny, comfortable in his own skin – will play a role in how much she gets off when business starts up.

So how do you become the kind of a guy that a girl wants to fuck? You could start hitting the gym more and get ripped, start a company and line your pockets, or you could enroll in an online sex class and develop the set of skills that really matter.

While these skills focus on sexual mastery, another huge benefit that I saw in my clients was a major change in their personalities. After teaching them things like how to last longer in bed and how to eat pussy like a pro, they transformed into bold and confident men. That guy was always in there but he wasn’t showing up at the beginning of the course. It was fulfilling to see them like this, and honestly, kind of hot.

“My mentality at bars has completely changed. It’s hard to describe, but the fact that I’ve locked down step B, makes step A a lot less nerve-racking.”
– Jason 28, Sex Stallion Certified

Guys like Jason have the confidence to pick up women because on the inside they know what they are capable of – delivering earth-shattering orgasms with their lips, fingers, and cocks. I recently called him to see how life as a stallion has been, but his mailbox was full 😉


If you’re interested in developing the skills to lay it down in the bedroom, and the confidence to get you and a lady friend there, give one of my classes a try. Sex Stallion Training is the end all, be all online sex class to guide you in sexual mastery, and I also have Pussyology that shows you exactly how to please her pussy.

If you’re curious about what goes into Sex Stallion Training or any of my other online sex courses, don’t hesitate to send me a message. For every Sex Stallion in the world, there arises a surge of more satisfied women. And that’s a world that I want to live in.


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