Gym Exercises That Make You Better in Bed

October 3, 2019

A better body will definitely make you more attractive. But just because you look good, doesn’t mean you fuck good.

While gym exercises alone won’t make you better in bed, they will give you a bigger hammer to nail with once you’ve gotten through my online sex classes. As a tantric sex coach, I’ve never told a guy he needed to get stronger or more muscular in order to get better in bed. However, part of my course does focus on getting more confident and building mental strength – something that comes with feeling good about your body.

Part of the reason muscular guys might be a little better at getting girls is because they are confident. That goes a long way. But what I’ve been trying to tell guys in my sex training course is that you don’t need muscles to have confidence. And that you can find it in your ability to last hours in bed and give women incredible orgasms.

So whether you work out every day, or you’ve never stepped foot in a gym and want to get started, here are some of the exercises you can do to accompany the sexual mastery skills taught in Sex Stallion and Man on Fire.


Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can probably imagine how squatting might make you better in bed. Getting those butt muscles nice and firm for swing motions from every degree. Building up that core so you can move for hours.

One unknown fact about squatting is that it actually helps get blood flowing below the belt, which puts you in the mood faster. So along with a nice diet, a little bit of squatting, and my online sex course, you can become a sex mastery god.


Like squatting, lunges target all those leg muscles that go into the motions of having sex. The butt, hips, and thighs all get a nice burn from doing a few sets of lunges. Having a nice pair of muscular thighs isn’t a bad way to show you know what to do in the bedroom. And like I said, once you get through my online sex courses, having some muscles to work with will only make it more fun.


When considering exercises that make you better at sex, a lot of guys tend to ignore the upper body. But your arms come into play more than you think. When you’re in different positions you sometimes need to be able to prop yourself up on your arms. And once you get through my sex training course, you’re going to be able to last much longer in bed than you did before. Which means you’re going to need to hold yourself up for a while.

Also, say you’re out in public somewhere and you decide to get frisky with one another. Holding her up against a tree or the wall is going to take some upper body strength!


Cardio and running are a lot like sex in the sense that you have to have endurance. Once you complete my sex training tutorials, I expect my guys to be able to make connections like these. Because sexual mastery isn’t just about getting better in the bedroom. It’s about developing mental and physical discipline over your body. Being able to control not only when you cum but how you feel afterward and before. When you start running a lot, it’s a similar level of control. Focusing on you’re breathing, working your legs, and trying to last longer and longer. You’re practically fucking,

Muscles that Matter

As I said, you don’t need to be super strong to become a sexual master. The skills and tricks you learn in my online course will give you all you need to pleasure a woman properly.

But whatever you do, the important thing is you stop waiting! Today can be the beginning of a whole new life for you or another stepping stone in a life you’re already developing. Just get up and go.

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