Oysters to Orgasms: 5 Foods That Boost Libido

August 26, 2019

What Makes You Tick

Libido. The sensation down there that is responsible for it all. Some people seem to have a ton of it and others are dulled to any sensation. Boosting libido isn’t something that I struggle with. Quite the contrary. I tend to have more than enough to go around and around and around.

Sex drive varies from person to person and what is normal for one isn’t normal for another. There is no “wrong” when it comes to sex drive. Sometimes there are factors that may be bringing yours down though, and that’s an area where your doctor and a sex coach can help you out. And, there are ways to boost your sex drive and libido, if that’s your goal.

Boosting Libido Through Tantra

Like I’ve told you before, Tantric practices can help you cultivate and generate sexual energy. Just by focusing on your sexuality and doing the practices that I guide you in, you can create more of what you desire, whether that’s lasting longer in bed or boosting your libido. In addition, there are some sensations for your taste buds that can get the blood flowing down there, as well.


Those that have known me long know that I always have chocolate nearby and ready to indulge in. This is a staple aphrodisiac that I enjoy shamelessly. I prefer raw cacao versions and love to make my own concoctions. I’ll never forget the night that I was combining a cacao ceremony with tantric practices. I was completely in my element. Flying high. The door opened and a male tantrika walked in. We locked eyes. We had never met before and didn’t leave each other’s side for the next ten days until he left town.

My orgasms lasted another ten days. Rushes nonstop up my spine. He had given me a gift of ceremonial cacao from a special shaman. I flew to Guatemala to see him the next month and we spent days in ceremony with this cacao shaman. To this day, when his name pops up in my DM, I know I’m in for a treat, chocolate and otherwise… Cacao induces feelings of heart expansion and blissful love, with properties that are said to boost libido. The heart opens and it’s easier to connect intimately. It also increases blood flow which makes it easier to orgasm.


Of all of the other aphrodisiacs, maca is tied with cacao as my number one favorite. I usually don’t go a day without maca and if I do, I notice the difference. With maca, I am horny 24/7. I’m continually living in a turned-on state. It’s fucking amazing.

This turn-on is my fuel. I’m too busy to spend all day having sex so I channel that sexual energy into my business. Sexual energy is creative energy and I have endless amounts. I’m able to work with private clients, write blogs, create courses, market my company, do podcasts, film videos, have photoshoots, strategize with my team, work out and do jiu-jitsu. This energy is sourced from my sexuality. I feel the effects of maca in my pussy. There’s a fire there that keeps my flame burning bright.


Avocados make it into my diet on a nearly daily basis. The smooth, creamy texture is enough to make me, well, cream. And beyond that, it’s high in healthy fats. Our bodies need fats in order to function properly. Avocados are high in potassium which will give you the stamina that you need to keep going like the Tantric sex god that you’re training to be.

I remember the night that my lover and I stayed up all night. We were celebrating a Tantric goddess. At one point we were starving and made our way into the kitchen to peel avocados with our hands and feed them to each other before returning to the bedroom. We definitely had the stamina to make it through the night.


Anytime there are truffles on the menu, I’m all over it. I’m biting my lip and feeling contractions down there as I write this. A nice Italian restaurant, a perfect red wine, hand rolled pasta and fresh truffles. The smell of truffles is similar to the male pheromone androstenone and as soon as the scent wafts my way, I begin to eye him as hungrily as the food in front of me, my foot finding his under the table and everything takes on a new flavor. Desire hits high gear and the evening is fully underway.

Mmmmm…give me some now.


The only non-vegan item that I usually consume is that which gets unwrapped nice and hard in my bed. Because of this, I haven’t experienced the infamous aphrodisiac effects of oysters but these have been tried and tested since the days of Cleopatra. If they were good enough for her, then I won’t doubt their efficacy.

I like that science backs them up and finds them high in B12, potassium and zinc. Plus, well, the texture is definitely enough to get you in the mood. A girlfriend told me about a time that she ordered a dozen on a date. She ended up with a half dozen orgasms a couple of hours later.

Sound Appetizing?

For those of you that are like yours truly and will go the extra mile to keep the fire stoked, start here and let me know how it goes. Fair warning, you’re going to want to complete Sex Stallion Training so that you know how to move all of that extra sexual energy. We don’t need you busting a nut at the wrong time and place.

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