5 Cardinal Sins of Sexting

April 16, 2020

It’s day who knows what of quarantine and masturbation by yourself is great but we all know that having another can add some intense flavor if done right.

Lucky for you, April 16th, 2020, is the official National Horny Day.

Today is the day you spice it up. You’ve been wanting to. You need to. And you’re not alone.

I’ve said time and time again that girls are just as horny, if not hornier than guys are.

And right now, they are just as bored and horny as you are. At home, trying to get turned on in any way possible.

So what better way than you?

Whether it’s shooting your shot in a sexy stranger’s DM’s, slipping a sensual text the way of someone you know sexually, or doing a little bit of old fashioned phone sex, there are still ways we can have fun with one another during quarantine.

But just like in person, scoring takes precision.

Turning a girl on in real life can be difficult enough, so you can imagine how doing it through a phone could be even harder.

While sexting can go a lot of different ways, there are a few things you definitely want to avoid when trying to shoot your shot.

The Desperate DM

The desperate DM can come off a lot of ways. And it can kill the mood before one even starts.

It can come in the form of a cheesy pickup line, a joke that doesn’t land, or a comment that backfires.

What I suggest is to speak from curiosity. Everyone likes it when someone is genuinely interested in them.

Oftentimes, your first reaction, your first response will be the most natural one, and she’ll receive it as such.

To help get in this mindset of natural sexuality, you can use some of the sex training secrets that I’ve developed in my practice, Sex Stallion.

Preemptive Dick Pic

This one might seem obvious to a lot of guys, but unfortunately, it happens waaaay more than you think.

While some girls might bite at an early d-pic, there is a much better chance you could send her heading for the hills, not to mention that in some places, unsolicited nudes are now illegal. Talk about killing the mood.

But when the time is right, a nice selfie could definitely get her turned on. However, if you haven’t even started sexting yet, then pump the breaks on sending some revealing visuals.

The Thesis Statement

This is the text or dm that is way too long. It’s as if you’re making an opening statement for a mile-long speech about how you’re going to finger her pussy.

For one, long paragraphs can come off as over thought. Don’t be afraid to let your mind run and carry on.

But don’t try to perfect it and comb over it over and over again. Just like good sex, you should be natural.

Sometimes businessmen get stuck talking to women the same way they try to talk to clients. Trying to dot every “i” perfectly and punctuate every sentence.

When in reality, knowing how to turn her on takes a totally different dialect. A natural approach, just like when you’re trying to pleasure her in real life.

Don’t force it. Try to match her tempo, and take it line by line.

Random Phone Calls

Sometimes, a phone call can be sexy and spontaneous. And when we aren’t getting much physical connection these days, they can be one of the best ways to turn her on and get some intimacy going.

If you go about it right, she will appreciate your boldness and be attracted to how straight-forward you are. But you have to be strategic.

If you know she has a day job, obviously don’t call her in the middle of the day (unless she’s into a little lunchtime horseplay), but when she’s texting you and you can tell she’s in a mood, ring her up and ride that momentum.

The sound of your voice is what may get her over the edge.

Emoji Vomit

Used correctly, emojis can be very useful for turning her on and setting things in the right direction. Used incorrectly, you can look and sound like a 15-year-old or an ancient Egyptian speaking in hieroglyphics.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to learn how to turn a woman on you need to be able to match and then amplify her energy. If she’s using some emoji’s, maybe send a couple back.

But make sure you’re always communicating a clear message. Things can get convoluted and misinterpreted over SMS leading a hot conversation going nowhere.

Especially when you’re sending a bunch of cucumbers and devil faces.

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

If you want to learn some tips and tricks on sex training, including how to get her turned on in every single setting, take a look at my podcast or Sex Stallion class for adults.

It might just reveal to you a sex tip or piece of information that changes your game for good.

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