How to Stop Negative Emotions In Their Tracks

November 12, 2019

The societal structures that have been in place for the last several decades have taught men that it isn’t normal to identify with their feelings. As a result, we’ve created a society of males with toxic emotions and unstable mentalities. And a lot of them don’t even know it.

Things like stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, and all those other gross feelings can be amplified and even caused by ignoring your emotions and not dealing with them correctly. And when they really start getting out of hand, they can even lead to physical problems like trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, or a general loss of motivation.

The focus of our class this past week consisted of identifying with these emotions and learning more about something called “The Language of Sensations”. As many of the students in my Man on Fire sex training and confidence course have come to learn, in order to enhance your sexual abilities and boost your libido, you need to be able to strengthen your mind and emotional IQ. Your brain is a sexual organ too.

And to help you better understand what that process is like, I’ve got one of my students here to tell you about his experiences.

The Language of Sensations

At this point, I’ve started to see Sarrah more as a professor of empowerment and control rather than just a sex coach. I can’t remember learning this much from any teacher I’ve had before. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s nice to look at.

This week we talked about forming a better relationship with your emotions. Keeping all the attention and focus on desire and not letting anything get in the way of that. And if something does get in the way, learning how to process that and digest those negative feelings properly. Something that stuck out to me that Sarrah said was “using the things that fear you to inspire you”. The fact that you could use the things that normally hold you down to inspire and motivate you to be great was exciting and something I wanted to learn more about.

Sarrah instructed us to identify with the negative emotions that surface in our lives. The emotions that surround performing better in bed and the emotions that we feel towards success and deservingness. She told us that if we ignore these emotions they can manifest in other parts of our lives, with negative implications. That being able to achieve emotional maturity begins with unboxing your emotions and taking them apart.

The next step of the exercise was imagining our goals for sexual mastery and identifying how we felt towards attaining those goals. At first, I encountered feelings of uncertainty and became overwhelmed. But in combination with breathing exercises, I was better able to channel those thoughts and concentrate on what was really in between me and my goals.

The Results

By day 4, I was asking myself how those obstacles even manifested in the first place. And in truth, it was me that put them there. I was responsible for how I reacted to the things going on around me. While the archaic rules and procedures instilled into our society may be partially to blame, you can always take control of the way you feel about something. As Sarrah said, we’ve grown up believing that our level of satisfaction is determined by other people. Which just isn’t true.

I had begun taking responsibility for my emotions and identifying the sensations that accompanied emerging feelings. Our homework was to start wearing around a bracelet, and whenever we lose focus of our goal or have adverse feelings towards it we switch the bracelet to the other hand. And when we repossess the focus of our goals, switch it back. On day 7 since I started this little exercise, I am happy to announce I’ve gone two days without switching hands once. I have grasped my objective and I’m not letting go till I accomplish it.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in signing up for the Man on Fire sex training and empowerment course, or just have a few questions about it, use the button below to set up your first call with Sarrah. It’s free!

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