What Does a Magic Carpet Ride Feel Like?

May 31, 2019

When Magic Happens

I became a Sex Coach because I had a lover that I went on magic carpet rides with. We rode the waves of our love infinitely. When we ended our relationship, I wasn’t able to experience that level of intimacy with anyone else.

I decided that I would teach men how to be that lover. I knew what women wanted and what men want. They just haven’t learned how to get there yet. Tantra is the magic carpet that we rode on. You can ride it, too.

Never-Ending Passion

Imagine penetrating her for over an hour without the need to stop or slow down. Imagine making love for over two hours and being in your power and pleasure the entire time.

Imagine her blown away by you as she orgasms multiple times throughout the evening and calls you incredible, amazing. Then as she rides you for an hour, you have several orgasms and no desire to ejaculate, which further impresses her.

Imagine her telling you that you shattered her, like she was a pane of glass, or a glass igloo and that you were a gong that exploded her from within!

And imagine feeling grateful and incredibly impressed as you remember where you came from, as you see how far you’ve come. While the nail marks along the sides of your back serve as a pleasant reminder for the next couple of days.

Imagine feeling victorious as she tells you that she was blown away that you “fucked her brains out”!

Real Results

This is a real life testimony from a client who participated in my online sex classes. I get these results for my clients. He worked with me for ten weeks in private coaching. He had struggled with premature ejaculation since he started having sex. His relationship ended for many reasons but largely from not knowing how to satisfy her in bed. He trained harder than any client I’ve ever worked with and he reaped the results.

This is the shit. This is real life. This is Tantric sex. If you want to enjoy a climactic life, one where you’re in control, enroll in Sex Stallion training and become a sexual beast.

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