Naked Napping: The Hard Part About It Is My Dick

October 30, 2018

There’s a lot that’s hard about waking up. Maybe it’s not getting enough sleep. Maybe it’s going to a job you don’t like. But for most guys, the hardest part about waking up is the dangling limb that hangs between their legs that randomly fills with blood.

While erections can sometimes arise at inopportune moments (church, school, funerals), having a hard “d” should be the least of your worries.

Take Frank for example. His problem wasn’t that he had an energetic appendage, his problem was that he didn’t know how to use it. As a middle-aged man who retained the looks of his youth and a female fan base to follow, he felt the need to be able to offer more than what he was giving to his sensual associates. He wanted to learn how to give a girl an orgasm. He wanted to finally discover that mysterious magic that would once and for all identify what women want in bed.

Several uncomfortable conversations later, Frank took to the internet, as most of us do when trying to solve a problem, in the hopes that he might find his groove guru to put the pep back in his penis. But what he thought would be a guru, turned out to be a coach. And what he thought would be a pill, turned out to be a practice.

Enter Tantric Activation.

Frank began his path to pleasure wide-eyed and curious. Intent on being able to deliver the most earth-rattling g-spot, deep vaginal, and cervical orgasms, the price point of Sarrah Rose’s Sex Stallion Training (only the link to the homepage, need link to sex stallion page) program didn’t phase him for an instant.

Prior to finding Tantric Activation, Frank had considered performance pills and even had a consultation regarding penis enlargement surgery – both very expensive and highly invasive solutions. So when he found out that sexual performance was something he could be taught and trained to become better at through mental exercises and conditioning, he was more than relieved. A feeling of relief that he would soon be able to share with his carnal counterparts.

Today, Frank serves up cervical orgasms like slushies on a summer day. He dishes out g-spot orgasms like Gatorade on game day and never once has had to ask – Is It In You? There are a lot more people than just Frank who are thanking Sarrah Rose and Tantric Activation for what she did for him. But odds are, they’re probably taking a nap. Find out here what it takes to become a sex stallion, like Frank.

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