Does Cumming More Make You Live Longer?

August 5, 2019

An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

From stress relief and better relationships to easing depression and getting better sleep, orgasms can be the cheapest and most abundant medicine available. However, there may be some benefits that you haven’t heard of before that are specific to tantric orgasms. Lucky for you, you’ve got a veteran intimacy coach to tell you all about it.


There’s no denying that the disappointments of life can get you down. Added weight, divorce, job loss, illness, abuse, all of these can really cause us to turn on ourselves and experience self-loathing and even self-hatred. It’s a dark place to be and it often seems easiest to numb out with alcohol, drugs, and porn.

But what I preach as an intimacy coach is that there’s always another way. Orgasms create the hormone oxytocin. This hormone floods the body with feelings of love. When you masturbate consciously, using tantric techniques, you can begin to develop love for yourself which over time, will replace the negative feelings and view of yourself that you have.

Goal Realization

True sexual mastery is the practice of achieving goals through visualization during orgasm. What are you desiring to accomplish in life? Orgasm is a powerful tool to get you there.

It’s actually more science than magic but either way, it works. The primal brain is the part of the brain that controls most of what happens in our lives. It’s not our thoughts or emotions. It’s the deep patterns of the unconscious brain that get us from A – Z. You can think about what you want all day but if your primal brain has resistance, you’re not going to end up with what you desire.

Orgasm is a rare moment when access to the primal brain is open and you can plant the seeds of what you desire. Once they are planted, they’re much easier to achieve. You’ll find that you no longer self-sabotage.

Sexual healing

Maybe you or your partner have been sexually abused. Maybe you’ve shut down sexually because of past disappointments. Whatever the reason for your pain, tantric orgasms can help you heal.

Through penis and pussy massage, you can help your partner experience sensitivity where they may feel numb, you can help them release trauma where it has been stored in their genitals, you can help them reach high vibrational orgasmic states that create healing throughout their body.

While orgasms are amazing, tantric orgasms are next level. Level up. Be a sexual master and dominate your life.

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