What Makes An Ideal Man?

November 26, 2019

If you were to ask 10 people what it means to be a man, chances are you’d get 10 different answers. The way we were raised, the kind of men we were exposed to growing up, our sex education, and our own life experiences all shape what we think of masculinity.

So who’s version are we supposed to listen to? What really makes the ideal man? People go their entire lives asking themselves these questions. Attempting to mimic and reflect what they’ve learned and what they see. When the truth is, becoming the ideal man is different for everybody. It’s something that can be measured by how self-motivated you are. Do you surprise yourself? Do you challenge yourself? But most importantly, to what extent do you feel comfortable inside your own skin?

This past week in my sex education class for adults, Man on Fire, I led my students through a masculinity identification process during which they began developing strong, healthy, and inspiring perspectives towards being the man that every woman wants in bed. It’s during this particular exercise where I really start to see men catching fire.

To help show you what I’m talking about, one of my students has offered to share his experiences.

Tapping Into My Masculinity

After this last class with Sarrah, I thought it was funny how I ever thought that you instantly became a man when you were 18. As if it was a birthday present wrapped up and given to you in a box. When in reality, becoming a man is a life long journey. Something that you work on and keep getting better at over time.

Sarrah and her sex education class continue to change my way of thinking. Recently, I found out how much longer I can actually last, but I can’t tell if it was more from the physical or mental aspects of the exercises I was doing. It makes me think of how many people are being led astray by sex tips and info they find on the internet when they could be learning it from an actual sex coach for men who knows what she’s talking about.

This past week we worked more on building our perspectives of what a man looks like. Or more specifically, what a man looks like to you. We envisioned our father figures. I reflected back on what the culture I grew up in taught me about being a man. The first thoughts that came to mind, Firemen, Policemen, Judges, seemed so archaic. And although that’s what we were led to believe growing up, in my recent life I’ve come to know figures like Policemen or Judges as being the opposite of what I envision a man to be. Which is when it all clicked – Part of Sarrah’s sex education material focuses on the idea that we have grown into these unhealthy or toxic structures towards masculinity, feminity, and sexuality. And her class is where we begin to rebuild them.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in signing up for the Man on Fire sex training and empowerment course, or just have a few questions about it, use the button below to set up your first call with Sarrah. It’s free!

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