The Societal Belief That’s Been Messing With Your Mind

November 6, 2019

Unless you’re one of the lucky few to live in a nudist colony or other non-mainstream living habitat, chances are money and wealth plays a big factor in your life. And as much as we’d like to say we aren’t controlled by it, we really are.

But not just in the ways you might first imagine. Thinking about money, worrying about it, and all the negative or anxiety-invoking feelings that surround it take up space in your head. Resultingly, there isn’t any room left for the positive feelings you need to propel your life forward. These thought processes and perspectives you have towards money are what you can refer to as wealth consciousness.

Your wealth consciousness forms the belief system you have towards money and has the power to influence other parts of your psyche and interpretations about the world. And in order to fully be present in all sorts of circumstances, including sexual situations, you need to be able to have a positive mindset.

Developing your wealth consciousness is an internal journey that takes will power and persistence. This was the focus of our class this past week and I have Oliver here to talk about his experiences.

What Does Money Mean to You?

The moment Sarrah started talking about money and how your perspective around wealth casts an impression on other belief systems, I was instantly enthralled. If you had tried pitching me this kind of mindset 5 weeks ago, before I started the class, I would’ve told you to take a hike.

But the moment Sarrah asked us to take a look inside ourselves, I immediately flipped to the place in my head that I had grown familiar with in the past couple of weeks and started digging. Sarrah preached that we’ve developed certain conscious and subconscious beliefs surrounding wealth due to the puritanical belief system present in our society. That we are programmed to believe that if we are making money then we are doing well.

At first, I said well yea, money does tend to dictate how well I’m doing. If I don’t have money I can’t eat good food. I can’t go out with my friends. I can’t buy pot. But that’s not what Sarrah was talking about. Or rather, it was exactly what she was talking about. I had been programmed to think that my level of income and the possessions I bought were what determined my level of satisfaction. My happiness. I realized this mid-lesson and it was like a slap in the face or a cold bucket of water being splashed on me. Is this what being woke feels like?

Sarrah walked us through a variety of exercises where we would identify with our emotions surrounding wealth and what our ideal perspectives were surrounding them. What’s keeping us from feeling positive reinforcement around those emotions and sensations. It was a deeply cleansing exercise that I looked forward to exploring in the coming week. All in all, I was beginning to really enjoy these new adventures in my mind as well as the confidence that came with it.

Getting Started

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