Apparently, people want Alexa to have a sexier voice

So, it seems that falling in love with a robotic voice is perfectly understandable. However, as the NYP explains in their report, the lockdown has been a lonely experience for some. So lonely, in fact, that people have been taking solace in speaking to the only voice in the room; Alexa.

Attracted to Amazon’s Alexa? Sex Coach Sarrah Rose Explains Why People ‘Want to Experiment’

If you’ve got a crush on Amazon’s Alexa, you’re not alone. Sex coach Sarrah Rose exclusively tells In Touch that it’s actually not all that weird to find the virtual assistant hot — even if “her” physical form looks more like a computer speaker than a person. In fact, the New York Post reports that 28 percent of people are attracted to Alexa, but why is that? According to Rose, it’s partially the way Alexa is designed and partially a natural human curiosity.

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