What is a Sex Coach?

August 23, 2019

What Is a Sex Coach?

Being a sex coach is probably the coolest fucking job in the world.

Beyond that, different sex coaches will practice in different ways. But I can only truly speak about the work that I do. As a sex coach with a specialty in sexual mastery for men, I’ve learned a lot about the industry. An industry that isn’t regulated which lets anyone call themselves a coach. So when you’re looking for one, it’s important to ask if the person that you are working with is certified. It makes a difference.

What I Do

My main job as a sex coach is to help you find out who you are so that you can live in that truth. If you don’t know yourself, if you aren’t clear about who you are, you won’t be able to meet the woman that you love in the way that she desires to be met.

Our sexuality is incredibly powerful but many of us are disconnected from it. I work with men that struggle with premature ejaculation, inability to get hard or stay hard, sexual abuse, preferring porn to women, not being able to satisfy her in bed, feeling like they’re unable to love the person they are attracted to and much more. Some of this stems from physical issues, although much of it is psychological. Parents, religion, culture, politics and society, all contribute to how we experience sexuality and for many of us, it’s very distorted. We experience pain in an area of our lives that should be pleasurable.

What I Offer

In Sex Stallion Training, I coach men in the fundamentals of Tantric Sex. By learning how to utilize their breath, sound, movement and focus, they can begin to control ejaculation, have orgasms without ejaculating and move their sexual energy. Tantra helps you to be better in bed and it helps you satisfy her, but to be the best lover that she has ever had takes so much more.

It goes way beyond giving her orgasms. It’s literally about touching the core of her essence, and you can only do that if you have touched the core of your essence. And my job as a sex coach is to help you find it.

What You Can Expect

Private Sex Coaching can have some similarities to sex therapy, but they’re also very different. Therapy tends to focus on fixing the issue and it can take an undetermined amount of time, sometimes years of therapy to get the results that you’re looking for. Private sex coaching with me is set up for ten weeks. It’s ten weeks of working towards your goals and experiencing transformation. It’s very focused and result-driven. For many of my clients, it’s life-changing.

A sex coach is your guide to becoming the advanced lover and sexual master that you’ve always desired to be. Dare to experience what you’ve fantasized about. Create that reality for your life. You’ve got this one shot. Go big, Stallion.

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