What is Sex Magic?

October 29, 2019

This week in my Man on Fire sex training and empowerment course I led my clients through exercises involving their mentality surrounding deservingness and worthiness. We also took part in one of my favorite Tantric exercises, something referred to as Sex Magic. For me personally, this exercise has had some of the most profound influences on my life and career. It’s truly one of my favorite practices.

Once again, one of my students has offered to diary his experiences for you all to check out. His process is authentic and the results he has started to enjoy are extensive. Check out how his last week was.

Do You Deserve Sexual Pleasure?

I was feeling a little bit more confident this week going into class and was ready to continue exploring these hidden parts of my mind and body. Sarrah started out with a conversation about our caretakers and how we saw them in relation to us. What some of our emotions and perspectives are towards how we were treated growing up. At this point, after the exercises I had been doing in the previous weeks, I had begun to see how these paternal relationships impact your sexual mentality and perspective. So it was easier to engage on this sort of level.

Sarrah talked to us about how we see our caretakers as all-knowing, and how we invested a lot of our emotions into them. She noted that when they don’t provide for us we end up turning it on ourselves, and we develop the notion that we aren’t deserving of that love and care. And in turn, we project that onto how much we think we’re deserving or worthy of pleasure in sexual situations.

This connection is something I had never considered before. I had never really broken down the experiences with my parents in detail until recently, and I definitely never thought about how that would impact my perspectives for the rest of my personal or sex life. But after thinking about it for a while, it makes perfect sense. Your parents are the first people you form an emotional bond with. Everything starts from there. As Sarrah said, if the belief system you develop when you’re younger is flawed, it will stay with you until it is fixed.

Floor Exercises

This time we set up 10 sheets of paper on the floor in a ladder formation. Sarrah instructed us to visualize our goals and objectives surrounding sexual worthiness. How deserving or worthy we feel towards sex and pleasure. How deserving or worthy we want to feel towards sex and pleasure. And then she proceeded to guide us up the scale (sheets of paper 1-10), level by level.

This gradual process, slowly scaling the ladder and having Sarrah describe each one offered incredible insight. Instead of just choosing one level that you feel, exploring every single one and making a decision based on that. You could agree or disagree with the details of each. Really beginning to pick apart the emotions you have towards worthiness and deservingness.

Sarrah asked us to imagine what our lives would look like if we lived at the highest level of worthiness. How we would feel and behave. For me, my visualization was a lot more simple than I would have anticipated. It was a life of effortless confidence. Never doubting myself and always going for what I want, and what feels right, free of emotion or unnatural constraints. It felt like a life free of questions that never really mattered in the first place. We ended this section by making an internal commitment to live life at this level of worthiness. Something I believe I had already made up my mind about the moment I entered into that blissful visualization.

Sex Magic Time

Next, we began the Sex Magic exercise. Sarrah asked us to visualize our north star, or in other terms, what we feel to be our guiding power. Our god or religion. What we use to push us through life. We were instructed to visualize it and embody it, along with our goal of sexual empowerment. To take all 5 senses and feel, smell, see, hear, and taste it.

Then we got into the breathing exercises, something I had begun to look forward to as a part of my daily routine. She instructed us to breathe through the perineum and out of the tailbone. Through the perineum, and up towards the heart and the several other chakra focus points. Cycling through the body, all breaths making their way through the perineum at some point or another. We then were told to start acknowledging our goals and obstacles that stood in between us and being able to thrive.

It definitely took some concentrating to really focus on where you were moving your breaths and energy while thinking of your goals and objectives, but after a while, you get into a rhythm and it gets much easier. Our homework for the week was to practice this exercise while masturbating. As I said, there is a lot going on, so it took some practice and strong concentration. But as the week went on it also got easier. We were instructed to climax when our breaths got to our heads, and to time it up just right. The exercises felt very spiritual. Almost like I was starting to exist out of my body. By the end of the week, I was beginning to sync it up, but definitely had some more practice to do. In any case, I was loving these new challenges to put my mind and body through.

Getting Started

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