5 Things Every Woman Wants

September 9, 2019

What Do Women Want?

Do you have to be the tallest, wealthiest or have the biggest dick to get the woman of your dreams? Absolutely not. There’s much more that goes into what a woman wants than just surface features. What attracts two people to each other is very unique and specific, but there are still some ways to develop your attraction potential.


Confidence is the key to attracting a woman. A man that is confident wins her over because he can be trusted. There is a big difference between legit confidence and ego, bravado or narcissism. A man can be charming or have an ego to cover his insecurities. That may lure women in temporarily, but she’ll end up despising this man.

A man that is truly confident, knows himself. He knows his strengths and his weaknesses. He has proven to himself what he needs to prove and no longer needs external approval. This man has faced his demons and came out as a humble warrior.

Comfortable in your own skin

This goes hand in hand with confidence. Confidence creates a man that is comfortable in his own skin. The way that this man walks, talks and makes love shines because he knows his own body.

This often comes from practices that bring a man into his body and out of his head. Athletes, dancers, yogis and martial artists often have mastery of their bodies. It turns women on because they know that if he’s comfortable with his body, he’s more likely to be comfortable with theirs.

Make her laugh

This one is golden. Every woman wants to laugh. Laughter is the universal language and the door to her heart. When you’re able to laugh and make her laugh, she knows that you don’t take things too seriously.

Life can be tough at times and being with someone that knows that laughter is the best medicine can really help when you’re in it for the long haul. A guy that is funny is often also intelligent and women are biologically driven to be attracted to intelligence.

Sexual energy

Becoming more desirable in the bedroom starts with your sexual energy. Few guys truly have it and less know what to do with it. Be the guy that is both.

Sexual energy comes from testosterone derived in the testicles. Some guys have more than others but it’s something that all guys can work on having more of. And once you have it, you can use its power rather than being at its mercy.

No woman wants to be around somebody that’s horny and groping her nonstop but she also doesn’t want to be around a guy that she isn’t feeling sexual attraction from. Tantra can help you find that middle ground.

Be her hero

Yeah, even if she’s a feminist. In this day and age, it can seem tricky for a guy to assume the hero role. She may not need a hero, she probably doesn’t, but it still feels really good when your guy stands up for you. It’s nice to know that someone is on your team and has got your back.

A real hero knows that this isn’t gender-specific and there may be days that he can use a hero as well and having a strong partner by his side that can be supportive when needed. A dynamic like this creates an unstoppable power couple.

And ultimately I like to say, be the one you want to fuck. Take an honest inventory of yourself. Look at the guy in the mirror. Would you be attracted to him? Would you want to sleep with him? If yes, then good for you. If no, get yourself to the gym, get a haircut, buy some decent clothes, make sure you smell good and find a way to make enough money to treat her like your queen. You’ll be grateful that she does the same.

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