7 of the Hottest Spots for Public Sex

July 11, 2019

Risk It for the Biscuit

Risk is, for many, a huge turn on. The idea of “getting caught” can bring on a hard cock and wet pussy like none other. It comes from our societal conditioning as children that sex is bad, dirty or dangerous. We associate sex with bad, dirty or dangerous and those types of situations can really raise our inner temperature.

Whatever the reason, the result is that we like it. Of course, for some, there’s zero fun to be had in getting wild in the wild. But for those of you who prefer it less vanilla and more spicy hot chocolate and bourbon, keep reading.

1. In Nature Under the Full Moon

There’s nothing like sneaking into nature with the moon as your guide. This is a great way to tap into your primal sexuality. If you’re feeling ambitious, lose your shoes. Let your feet connect with the earth. Notice the breeze on your skin. Tune in to the chirping insects. Dance naked in the moonlight. Let the moonbeams bathe you as you make love to your lover. As you make love, allow it to take on a raw, animalistic quality. Tap into your fire and feel it spread through your body and into hers. Let it melt you into each other.

Pro Tip: Bring a blanket with you.

2. In A Rooftop Jacuzzi

The warmth and sound of the jets and bubbles in a jacuzzi is a great place for lovemaking. Sit across from each other and look eye to eye. Spend time eye gazing and connect here. Let your breath synchronize with hers. Move-in closer and wrap her legs around yours. Feel your hearts beating together. Slip your fingers into her bikini bottoms and start to play with her.

The bubbles won’t let anyone see what’s going on down there. Slowly, gently moving your finger in, penetrating her until she cums over and over. Keeping eye contact as she contains her ecstasy inside so that no one notices. Then turn her around on your lap and pull her onto your throbbing cock. Slowly, surely, calmly. Breathing deeply, barely containing yourself but not making a sound. Wrapping your arms around her, moving in and out with the movement of the water.

Pro Tip: Not to be done during family hour.

3. Government Buildings

Nothing makes a girl hornier like an authoritative government building. The looming archways, marble columns, solemn paintings of austere men. It’s the perfect place to unleash your inner rebel and the ultimate risk with high security abounding. You definitely have to be careful here and the average tourist may want to keep their pants zipped. But if you somehow have access to the inner rooms, it could be your day to play. Do you have a partner that’s in the mood to be a sexy intern?

Pro Tip: Find a room with a nice sturdy desk that has space to kneel under it.

4. Your Yoga Studio, Martial Arts School

There’s nothing hotter than being wrapped up like a pretzel together but having to pretend that nothing sexual is happening. Check out that acro-yoga class or drop into a nogi Jiu-Jitsu class and see what I mean.

Everyone is acting all cool but feel that underlying tension? Now is the time to put your newfound energy orgasms into practice. It’s your time, Sex Stallion. Lock eyes and breathe together. Let the world around you slip away as you slip into each other. The more you perfect energy sex, the easier it will become.

Pro Tip: Keep your clothes on for this one.

5. City Skylines

Sex with a view can’t be beaten. You’re visiting a new city, been out all day checking out the sites. You could go back to your room and slip under the sheets but why not have a drink on the balcony first? Don’t let your explorations end with city sites. You have a babe to explore now. Let her know that for every orgasm you give her, you get to pick a restaurant to treat her to. Win-win for everyone.

Pro Tip: Give her the best view by standing behind her as you thrust.

6. The Bathroom at Wedding Receptions

What is it about weddings that turn us on? The love and romance is palatable. It reminds us of what we once had or hope to have one day. The hormones (and alcohol) flow and make us feel alive. It triggers our desire for deeper connection and sex has the power to connect us more deeply than anything else. Top that with some bubbly and you’re in the perfect mood to turn that love into a physical act. If you can find a single stall bathroom, you’re in luck. If not, you’ll need to send her in first to make sure the coast is clear.

Pro Tip: If you get caught coming out, you can always say she wasn’t feeling well and needed your assistance.

7. The Backseat of a Rideshare

Single people rejoice at the end of the night when their solo trek home brings them into a close encounter with their sexy driver. You’ve been out dancing, chatting it up, open to bringing in the dawn hours in a random bed with someone who’s name you don’t know.

The bar closes and chemistry hasn’t ignited with anyone. Better luck next time until the car pulls up and you hear her sexy voice saying your name to confirm that you’re the right passenger. Your breath contracts, there are some flutters and you think maybe, but nah. Then you start chatting. You have mutual friends. You work out at the same gym. You both have a dog. You ask if she’d like to go out sometime. She says how about right now?

Pro Tip: Don’t expect to get this lucky twice.

Disclaimer: While all of these are tried and verified experiences by yours truly, be aware that public sex is considered illegal in most places and sober consent is always necessary and yeah, you always gotta watch your ass, so for reals, this blog is intended for entertainment value only, don’t go get arrested and blame it on me. Like, you don’t watch the Matrix and go run up walls and do backflips. Or, do you, Neo? BTW- Neo was the first Sex Stallion so you should do what he does. Sign up below!

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