Unmasking a Prude America

July 26, 2019

A Western Culture Wasteland

Western Culture. The place where you’re expected to have a Kardashian ass but don’t you dare talk about it. The place where online sex coaching is completely legal but not to be discussed on social media. We live in a world where you can pull up porn on your smartphone 24/7 but have the common decency to be ashamed of it. It’s a constricting and unnatural environment for human beings. And I’m not afraid to call it out.

How can it be possible for sexuality to live in such extremes? How did we get to this place? SEX. On one hand, purely biological. And on the other, something spiritual that mystics revere.

So what the fuck is the normal, average person supposed to do with all of this? First, take a deep breath. Then, join me as I share with you the lessons I’ve learned as a lover, practitioner of tantra, and the sex coach I’ve become today.

Channeling Your Carnal Identity

When was the last time you saw animals going at it with shame? Never. It was the same for humans when we lived in tribal societies. No, we weren’t barbaric cavemen. We were no different than the other animals. We had our place, we were fighting for survival, and we were fucking when we felt like it.

We had a massive leap in brain development that supercharged our path to the top of the food chain, but we still had a middle of the food chain mentality. Imagine a lion killing a giraffe. He and his pride got first dibs, then the hyenas and jackals, then when the coast was clear, our ancestors went in for their portion. We went from that to kings in a seemingly overnight evolutionary leap but our emotions didn’t evolve quite so quickly.

Sapiens had all they wanted but they still hoarded and one of the things they began to hoard was their property and eventually, sex became something associated with their property. Fear is the great controller. If people are afraid, they are easy to control. Make them fear their sexuality and you can control their sexuality.

Power Hoarding

This scarcity mentality created those that wanted to hoard power. They wanted control over others so they could feel that they had enough. Systems of religion and government began to implement ways to shame and outcast those that enjoyed sexuality. Sexuality is a powerful force and if we are disconnected from it, we are more subservient. Neuter a bull and he is docile.

Still Human

Humans still are biologically tribal beings. In our primal brains, being outcast from our tribe registers as death. The fear of being outcast for being sexual was too much and men and women both shut down their sexuality.

They hid it, but it was still there. It became a shadow part of them. Their prudish and judgmental nature covering their pain. To disown your sexuality is to deny a part of who you are. That self-denial is painful. It lashes out in judgment at others that embrace their sexuality. It becomes thwarted and exhibits itself in unhealthy ways.

But there is a way to get through all of it. There is a way to channel that judgment into powerful ways that fuel your life and empower your mind and body. It just takes a little learning. So what are you waiting for? The best online sex coaching class is here, waiting for you to explore.

Yes Sarrah, I want to experience the Tantric Activation Immersion!