Cumming Out of My Shell: Yoni Egg Experience

August 13, 2019

Yoni Who?

It’s been about three months and who would have thought an egg could be so demanding. I was practicing with my jade egg at least 3-4 times a week and my vagina still didn’t feel any stronger or more toned like I was expecting, and orgasms, while never unsatisfying, hadn’t changed either.

But lucky enough for me, I knew just the sex coach to go to to learn a little more about what I was putting in my vagina. Sarrah is well researched, experienced, and intuitive, and trust me, the girl knows her stuff.

Discovering My Yoni

So I once again called upon the expertise of seasoned sex coach, Sarrah Rose, and asked her what it meant to have a creative vagina.

Sarrah explained how the more we focus on our sexuality, the more that we develop that part of ourselves. We can actually cultivate sexual energy. This just means that the drive and creativity that we experience in life due to sexual desire can be increased. And the jade egg is one way that women have felt this increase. The practical life applications can be stronger vaginal muscles, which reduce the risk of prolapse and increase the potential of sexual pleasure.

I was blown away. Sarrah had so much information on what it meant to channel your energy, both negative and positive, into something your life can benefit from. She had such a big-picture mentality with the ability to explain life and sexuality to you in a small-picture way, easy to understand.

So I decided that I would go ahead and put this magical egg back in my vagina, and see how Sarrah’s recommended exercises could translate into my sex life. I was on my way, starting my path to a more vibrant life – sexually and spiritually.

The Results

At first, I was struggling with real “exercises” and just walked around my apartment with the egg in for short periods of time. After some recommendations from Sarrah, I was able to get comfortable with the suggested workouts and can surprisingly feel a difference. It’s hard to describe what a “stronger vagina” feels like, but it manifests itself in your bladder and even in your core. What does this mean for orgasms? I can report that they have definitely been stronger and now, I can even squeeze and control contractions. And this isn’t just for my benefit.

One fun trick I learned is actually doing the same exercises to squeeze and release my partner’s penis during sex which in case you were wondering, means more enjoyable orgasms for everyone. Apparently, this leads to something called Pompouri or “playing the flute”, and involves stimulating the penis with isolated muscle movements. I look forward to becoming an expert flutist.

After my own success using the jade egg to spice up our sex life, my partner started Sarrah’s Sex Stallion Training course – a 7-week online sex class that teaches men sexual mastery skills and how to please a woman.

At the end of all this, I’m thinking more than sparks will fly 🙂

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