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Get the adventurous sex-life you always wanted

If you’re looking to experience sex that lasts for hours… If you’re ready for full-body orgasms that you can feel all the way into your toes… If you crave sex that fills you with meaning and aliveness… If you sense that there’s more to love and pleasure than what you’re currently experiencing… 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Sarrah Rose,

And I’m here to help you experience sex that makes you feel alive, hot, and full of passion. Where you merge with the whole universe so you feel how you’re part of something so profound it expands your whole perception of who you are.

All of this and much more is possible for you. Yes, even YOU. (I’m looking at you, hottie!)

For the past 19+ years, I’ve been my own best guinea pig, exploring the systems and energetics of yoga, tantra, breathwork, somatic experiencing, and many other holistic and sacred practices.

I’m also a total book nerd. Science is my guilty pleasure. Some people binge Netflix, I binge science, personal dev, and all things spirituality.

What makes me so devoted to Tantra is the mystery of the spiritual aspects. Sure, you’ll learn powerful sex-skills that make you a better lover. But that’s just the beginning.

I’m here to guide you to hands-on strategies for sex that actually work, and to bring you to realms of sexual pleasure beyond what you thought was possible. Imagine dining at a 5-star Michelin restaurant after having been on a fast-food diet your entire life. This is what satiating Tantric sex feels like.

Are you ready for this?

Let’s get to know each other better.

Don’t just take it from me

“Working with Sarrah has been an amazing journey — I have learned so much about my sexuality. I’ve been up early every morning with amazing multiple full-body orgasms. Wow, what an awesome program. You are such a beautiful person, Sarrah. You and your team have helped me so much. Thank you!”

– Don

“Sarrah is excellent at helping people work through traumas, hurts, fears, and conditioning around sexuality. I love how safe I feel, and how much I can be myself with her. Sarrah’s earthiness and energy feel magical and worldly at the same time. She wants the best for all her clients — she cares a lot!”

– Monica

“My penis has been feeling like the sun lately. It’s like a torch of sexual energy. The practices really did a number for me, and I’ve been bursting with aliveness. I ALSO uncovered my deeper primal power which was really exciting because that’s something I never felt before.” 

– James

Yeah, I get around

Choose your adventure and c’mon in!


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Choose your adventure and c’mon in!

* I’ve got your back, no matter how you identify. I believe that love has no boundaries and we all deserve sex that makes us feel like we’re flying! My mission is to empower all types of people to experience delicious pleasure and extraordinary orgasms that you can savor for days. The content on the women’s and men’s page is vastly different though.

You could explore both and see which one resonates with you.

Yes Sarrah, I want to experience the FREE Tantric Activation Immersion!