Group coaching has proven to be more effective than one-on-one coaching because you get to be a part of a supportive network of like-minded men. You get to learn from each other's questions and experiences and become empowered together. You get to ask your most pressing questions in a safe and inclusive environment. You'll be led through advanced tantric practices over the course of six months which gives you plenty of time to master the material, become a sexual master, an advanced lover and embody the sexual confidence that creates an empowered life.

What’s Included in my private group?

  • 6-months of personal guidance from Sarrah Rose
  • Video calls every single week
  • All calls are recorded for you to watch on your own schedule
  • Your questions answered live
  • Weekly exercises to do on your own so you can master the practices
  • A network of supportive, like-minded men
  • Advanced sexual practices
  • Sexual confidence and mastery
  • The newest, most cutting edge information in sexuality
  • Direct contact with Sarrah Rose as you become a sexual master

My Man on Fire private group is for men that:

    • Want to reignite their relationship
    • Are badasses and want to level up even more
    • Are good in bed but want to be masters
    • Struggle with sexual dysfunction and want to get to the psychological and emotional roots of it
    • Want to help their partner heal sexually
    • Are excited to learn advanced sexual practices
    • Want to connect deeply and intimately during sex
    • Want to be a part of a mature group of growth-minded men
When you join my class, you immediately enter into a judgment-free environment where everyone can be themselves. Show up as you are and become the man that you desire to be.

Man On Fire
$497/ MONTH

It’s time we break free of our societal restraints. It’s time we embrace our carnal compulsions and hone the sexual being inside of us all.

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Let’s be real, it’s all about confidence.


“The exercises felt very spiritual. Almost like I was starting to exist out of my body. By the end of the week, I was beginning to sync it up, but definitely had some more practice to do. In any case, I was loving these new challenges to put my mind and body through.”

This week my breathing exercises got a lot more interesting when Sarrah walked us through something called ‘primal breathing’. I got a little lightheaded, my body started tingling, my mouth was dry, but 5 minutes into it I was completely lost in my own mind and body.”

“It was on my 6th day [practicing primal breathing] that some really crazy shit started happening. I was almost able to do it for 30 minutes straight, and I swear to god, I started hallucinating.”

“What I love most about these exercises is how you feel after. It’s almost like the high you get from working out, except not as exhausting on your body. My arms would tingle down to my fingertips. My head was buzzed. And I felt full of energy! Sometimes, when I had a really good session in the morning, I wouldn’t even feel the need to have a cup of coffee. Something I never thought could be done.”


While I highly encourage group coaching, I know that some of you will want private coaching for various reasons. In private coaching, you will get the same benefits in a one-on-one environment for six months. 100% of my attention focused on 100% of you.

The group coaching option is for those of you who want to hear the questions and experiences of other guys and to be a part of a badass community in order to help your own process, and the private coaching is perfect for those of you who prefer me all to yourself.

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