Episode 23: Sexual Thriving

Hey guys, are you sexually THRIVING during the COVID-19 pandemic? If the answer’s “No,” maybe it’s time you checked in for some sex therapy homework exercises with your sex coach for men, Sarrah Rose. Join Sarrah and co-hostess Erin Hickok for this revealing, risqué look at the deep, intimate places within us! Get naked on the inside, and it won’t be long before you’re getting naked on the outside!

Sexual mastery for men is about way more than stamina or overcoming ED. Your sexuality starts in your soul, where mental blocks can cause erectile dysfunction and childhood wounds could do with some rounds of Somatica method counseling. If you aren’t getting laid like tile, maybe it’s time you kick it up a notch and put your mind in “thrive mode” … because where your mind goes, your body will follow!

“What creates the space of having good sex is connection, surrender and intimacy. You can’t access these things if you’re not feeling loved, or safe, or like you don’t belong.” – Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

– How dealing with your wounds, subconscious memories and shame makes you alpha male HOT

– The incredible discoveries about PTSD in ordinary people from Somatica method sessions

– Why you can’t be sexy when you’re in survival mode and afraid of becoming more than you are

– Intensely pleasurable visualization methods to get your brain thinking you’re getting it on

– And so much more!


  • Erin Hickok is the founder of Games For Humanity and creator of Cards for Connection.
  • You can download the full Intimacy Deck that we played on the show free for a limited time with coupon code SEXYSTORY here.
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