Episode 86: 7 Qualities of a Successful Relationship

Want to know the secret ingredients to the perfect relationship? In today’s episode I’m sharing seven qualities that help make up a successful relationship. Most people immediately think of chemistry or attraction, and while those are necessary, they don’t make today’s list. It’s also important for me to say that every relationship is different, this isn’t a one size fits all guide, but it’s a great place to start!

When looking for a partner, one of the biggest green flags is how kind they are. Kindness is key for getting through the tough challenges life can throw our way. EMOTIONAL STABILITY. We need to be able to take responsibility for our emotions, learn how to express them in a healthy way, so we’re not causing damage to others by bottling them up and then exploding.

Loyalty and the ability to make hard decisions are also noteworthy. You want to know that someone has your back no matter the situation. Humans are always evolving and changing, so seek out someone who not only embraces growth within themselves but also within the relationship. I encourage you to not only look for these qualities in a potential partner but to also exhibit yourselves!

“You want somebody, that when life gets tough they’re there to make hard decisions with you.” Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • Look for a partner whose personality brings out the BEST in you.
  • A little bit of kindness goes a long way!
  • Find someone who’s willing to fight for your relationship. 
  • And, so much more!

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