Episode 10 – Sexual Shadow

Sex and The Sarrah Rose Story continues with an episode dedicated to our Sexual Shadow. It all begins with an update on our Coach’s health progress, her fitness and diet regimen, what her go-to “cheat” food is and something that turns her off—all during “Storytime with Sarrah”.

We learn why certain women are attracted to “toxic” men which becomes a great launching-off point for the introduction of the whole concept of “sexual shadows”. We discover where they originate from, why people may be triggered by certain people and scenarios, the importance of belonging to a tribe and how that plays into our shadow self, why people are ugly to each other and the process Sarrah went through to finally find wholeness.

The “Ask Professor Sarrah Mailbag” segment deals with questions about holiday incompatibility and a listener who thinks his penis is too large. Sarrah and Glenn play another round of “Cards for Humanity”, plus much more!

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for men and women who desire healthy and holistic sex lives.

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