Episode 12 – Erin Hickok and “Games for Humanity”

Sex and The Sarrah Rose Story continues with this episode introducing us to Sarrah’s good friend Erin Hickok, Founder of GamesForHumanity.com. We learn of how Erin started her games company in response to that “black and white game for horrible people”, how she won a crowd fund campaign and created four decks of cards rainbow-colored based on the different chakras: “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “Cards for Connection, “ Infinite Blessings” and “Positive Programming”.

“Storytime with Sarrah and Erin” reveals how they met at an Authentic Relating Games event, Erin’s upbringing in a religious cult, how she and Sarrah relate to each other having formerly been “shut-down”, how people who had been severely repressed are sometimes drawn together once discovering freedom, the importance of understanding the pendulum swings of life and how much these women appreciate the gift of their journeys.

The “Ask Professor Sarrah Mailbag” segment addresses a question about how to weed through people to find authentic ones. A round of “Let’s Talk About Sex” incorporates a jade egg practice, ostrich feathers, plus much more!

Emceed by the wonderful Glenn Klein!

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for men and women who desire healthy and holistic sex lives.

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