Episode 16 – Dating During COVID-19 with Hayley Quinn

The spread of the coronavirus has caused most people to stay indoors in quarantine or lockdown for at least fourteen days or until further notice.

A lot of single people are now having an even more difficult time trying to meet other individuals, but today’s guest says otherwise.

Hayley Quinn is one of London’s top dating coaches, and she joins Sarrah to discuss how to go about dating in this time of a pandemic.

Hayley supports the idea that social distancing and online communication is a good way to filter our possible options for a partner because you take the time in talking with the person.

Tune in to hear more about her suggestions on dating and the fun that she and Sarrah had in London..and so much more!


When you’re dating, it’s so much less about impressing the other person. It’s more about getting yourself in the right mindset and taking action that builds your self-esteem.– Hayley Quinn

In This Episode:

  • Hayley’s time in the pickup industry
  • The main problem of modern dating
  • What to do if your ex messages you in this time of quarantine
  • Suggestions for people who are in relationships that are living together
  • The fun that Hayley and Sarrah had in London

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Connect with Sarrah Rose:

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