Episode 20 – Sex-niques with Kenneth Play

When it comes to sexual mastery for men, would you rather show up on a date with a bus pass or a private jet?

How about now, especially in the age of COVID-19, where it’s tough to get anyone out of their house?

International sex educator and expert Kenneth Play joins the show to help couples overcome challenges and find new ways to connect in the bedroom.

Called “The World’s Greatest Sex Hacker” by GQ Magazine, Kenneth’s online sex classes feature over 71 sex training videos and 12 hours of content.

He co-founded Hacienda Villa, the globally recognized sex-positive community, and devoted his life to helping couples close the “orgasm gap.”

The sex mastery secrets we talk about in this episode are guaranteed to pump up your prowess in the bedroom, make her squirt and make her feel like she’s in paradise.

“We look at sexuality as an innate, default, natural thing, without any training. In the fitness world, there’s so much potential when you train yourself. The training is so valuable, when it comes to sexuality. We’re missing that in the culture.” – Kenneth Play

In This Episode:

– How men get too focused on their penis size … forgetting all the amazing tools you already have to make her moan with pleasure!

– The kinds of orgasms you can trigger for a woman … and then double up for your own pleasure

– The 3 sensual secrets of a woman’s body – how to help her follow her body’s lead and give her just enough of a touch to get her sopping wet

– How surrender and shifting between dominance and submission creates intimacy…

– And so much more!


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