Episode 30: Fake Love vs Real Love

As we continue to explore more about the best sex we can have, how to master sex, tantric sex exercises, sexual techniques, and solutions for sexual problems, we might start to forget about the foundation of great sex in the first place – love.

Today on the Sex and Sarrah Rose Podcast, join Sarrah and Erin as they talk about fake love versus real love.

With the overwhelming amount of misleading information online and in other forms of media combined with our personal experiences, it’s very easy to make the mistake of treating any kind of strong and positive emotion as love.

How can you know the difference?

In this episode, Sarrah helps guide you through the process of determining exactly that.

“There’s this false assumption that love is about finding someone who will complete you.” – Sarrah Rose

In this episode:

  • Projection in relationships – what is it?
  • How other people fall in love to heal childhood trauma.
  • What relationships can teach you.
  • Should relationships “complete” you?
  • Knowing if you’re really in love. How does it relate to sexual mastery?


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