Episode 40: Masculinity – A Four Letter Word?

Masculine and feminine, dominant and submissive, giving and receiving, pushing and yielding—these are the Yin and Yang energies that govern so much of what we do, and both are needed to maintain balance. Unfortunately, too much of the rhetoric today pigeonholes men into two categories: Weak or toxic, and this cynical perception is detrimental to both men and women alike. In this episode of Sex and Sarrah Rose, Sarrah and Erin Hickok discuss what created this negative view of masculinity, how these terms are not gender-specific, and how we can find empowerment in both. As always, the two besties play “Let’s Talk About Sex!”, as well as a new game too!

“Masculinity is whatever you want it to be.” – Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • How childhood trauma influences men’s idea of their own masculinity
  • The ways modern feminism can perpetuate old ideas
  • How a negative view of masculinity affects relationships
  • Why everyone should embrace both masculine and feminine energies
  • And, so much more!

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