Episode 59: Let’s Talk Sex Tech

Has there ever been a time you truly desire something but decided against it? Maybe you found it embarrassing, shameful, or thought people might judge you for it? In this new episode, Sarrah and Rocio Pelayo divulge how culture has served as the pleasure police that catapults you backward from a satisfying life. They tackle how education, love, and innovation are key ingredients you can utilize to bring pleasure into your own culture. As always, the two ladies play with their deck of cards in a pleasurable game called “Let’s Talk About Sex!” that reveals how connection facilitates the stimulation of sacred sexuality!

Sex tech is about letting go of the way we see ourselves in pleasure, to be consumed and use the technology that is coming to us.”  – Rocio Pelayo

In This Episode:

  • Sexuality and technology have always been embedded together and PUSHED each other forward to become better.
  • There’s more to men than just their masculine power and it takes more acceptance about their sexuality for them to experience “FEMALE  ORGASM”. 
  • Use your voice to raise awareness on how creativity and innovation can bring technology and sexuality together to eliminate the oppressors of PLEASURE
  • Culture plays a HUGE role in the way men got left behind when it comes to claiming their masculinity and what feels good to them.
  • And, so much more!

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  • You can download the “Let’s Talk about Sex!” deck here

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