Episode 60: How Your Ancestors Impact Your Sex Life

Where do you come from? Do you know what your great-great-grandmother’s name was, or more importantly, what her life was like? The truth is that ALL of us have rich lineages that span millennia, yet many of us know so little about it that we feel either disconnected from our ancestors or isolated in a family we didn’t choose. In this new episode, Sarrah sits down with Torie Feldman, an ancestral healer whose work has helped so many people reconnect with their history while paving the way for their own destiny. They talk about the visceral practices necessary for tapping into your primal power, how to fully acknowledge the abuses in your history AND move past it, and a wonderful mentality that teaches us how working on ourselves stretches far beyond our own souls.

“When you reclaim what you’ve rejected and where you come from, it changes the foundation on which you stand. It’s like you’re standing on the shoulders of your ancestors, but if you hate them, then you have no foundation.” – Torie Feldman



In This Episode:

  • Your ancestry DOES have a powerful effect on you, BUT if you can dive into THESE deep practices, you’ll learn how to both celebrate your past AND liberate yourself from it.
  • No matter your race, you NEED to hear Torie explain how to EMBRACE your ancestry AND do the work necessary to empower ALL races.
  • Once you commit to THIS mental shift, you’ll realize that individual change goes further than you ever thought possible.
  • Just like your ancestry, the key to feeling connected to yourself starts with these simple exercises, whether before, during, or after sex. Remember: Sex has whatever definition YOU give it!
  • And, so much more!

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  • You can download the “Let’s Talk about Sex!” deck here

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