Episode 61: Masculinity is Hot

If you’ve absorbed any amount of news in the past 10 years, you’ve probably heard plenty of opinions on the state of women, the term “toxic masculinity”, and much more. If we want to bridge the gap of inequality, it has to be done together, not an “Us vs. Them” mentality. In this new episode, Sarrah talks with co-host Erin Hickok about how so much progress has been made on women’s issues, but to continue that trend, men have to be celebrated, too. They discuss the VERY important distinction between sex, love, and relationships; what men NEED to feel supported in their inner work to become their best selves; and the ONE thing you NEED to establish in a relationship before embarking.

“The thought of men marching in solidarity to create a brighter future, to bring in the strong benevolent masculine energy? That is so much power! That is so much sexy!” – Erin Hickok

In This Episode:

  • Once you hear this modern distinction of sex, love, and relationships, you’ll feel fully equipped to navigate the world with clear expectations.
  • Make sure that you have this one foundational part in check before you commit to someone.
  • If we can remember these core truths and work to better ourselves, we can then celebrate everyone equally instead of beating one group down to prop up another.
  • Why men need their own version of THIS to feel truly empowered. It’s helped women tremendously over the years, and men deserve it too.
  • And, so much more!

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  • You can download the “Let’s Talk about Sex!” deck here

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