Episode 64: Mean Girls Survival Tactics

If you’ve ever felt jealousy toward other women for their success, don’t fret! In fact, that feeling is hardwired in women for survival reasons, but through diving deep and expressing your honest self, you can find the beauty in your AND all women’s success. In this new episode, Sarrah and Erin dispel THE MOST common myth about how women compete with each other, how to quickly figure out if YOU are pushing others down to prop yourself up, and the NEED TO KNOW info about how to LOVE every part of you AND the women around you. When all women shine, the light is beautifully bright.

“Being able to create bridges with people who are stretching our limits? That’s gonna create much more than survival—that’s how we thrive! Where there are fear and triggers, there are tremendous gifts.” – Erin Hickok

In This Episode:

  • Why dispelling THIS common myth is KEY to understanding competition between women, whether in childhood or adulthood.
  • How women showcase their aggression and enforce hierarchies in a REAL way, yet it often goes undetected or written off.
  • What you NEED to know if you’re striving to integrate your dark side, avoid petty conflict, and EMBRACE the powerful women in your life.
  • Ask yourself this ONE question to figure out if you’re perpetuating the belief that you have to push others down for you to rise.
  • And, so much more!

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  • You can download the “Let’s Talk about Sex!” deck here

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