Episode 65: Lifting Emotional Weight

All of us experience trauma, but most of us have no clue how to even acknowledge its presence, let alone work through it. Processing your pain is a lifelong journey, but as human beings, we all deserve to start. In this new episode, Sarrah sits down with Erin Hickok to explore some truly impactful ways to process your trauma, including a 20-minute tapping session! The two discuss the transformational power of “EFT” techniques for your mind and body, how much our childhoods REALLY affected us, and the steps to becoming truly present to your feelings TODAY by sending love and compassion into the past.

“Trauma is a moment where we did not have the tool or capability to manage the emotional response, so we stored it in the body. When we tap, we are going back and resolving each of those moments, and once we no longer believe the idea around the trauma, it’s no longer going to be an issue for us.” – Erin Hickok

In This Episode:

  • The at-home exercises you can try RIGHT NOW to process your pain and increase your awareness to your mind, body, and soul.
  • Why incorporating “EFT” techniques will help you reprogram your brain, heal the physical, and release your trauma to see the world in a new light.
  • How becoming truly present to your feelings does WAY more than only lifting your mood right now—it all started somewhere, right?
  • What THIS truth about our childhoods teaches us about how we see the world TODAY.
  • And, so much more!

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