Episode 70: Welcome to Tantric Activation

Hello Lovers! So much has happened in the last six months and I look forward to catching you up on all of my exciting updates! I needed a little space to work on my business and recharge, but now I’m back and ready to share everything Tantra. I’ve recently developed my women’s brand and I’m excited to be working with all you gorgeous women again!

You’ll notice the updated podcast name, Tantric Activation with Sarrah Rose. I wanted my growth and transformation to be reflected in the show as well. Because Tantra is so much more than just learning how to have better sex. I’m so excited to help you take control of your life and ignite your passion to be your best self!

That’s what Tantric Activation is, it’s activating this life force energy within us.” Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • Why the name change from Sex and Sarrah Rose?
  • How Tantra can optimize more than just your sex life.
  • You are in control of the master plan of your life.
  • And, so much more!

Connect with Sarrah Rose:

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