Episode 74: Get Hard Naturally

Erectile dysfunction. A sensitive topic that most are embarrassed to talk about, but the truth is 52% of men are experiencing some type of erectile dysfunction. Thankfully there are ways to alleviate this problem, and while pharmaceuticals may help the symptoms, they don’t always get rid of the problem. Most sexual struggles have a psychological and emotional component, potentially rooted in childhood trauma. Making it so important to find the root of the trauma, so you can resolve it and move forward into the passion you deserve.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction happens because we feel a sense of unworthiness and our bodies react negatively to those emotions. This is why making time to focus and take care of your mental wellbeing is so important. Plus, the more willing we are to continue learning, growing, and exploring, the better lovers we’ll become!

You are more than just a physical body, you have all these different aspects of you, and when it’s not all aligned, you’re not going to have optimal results in any area of your life.
Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • Erectile dysfunction is frustrating but you CAN overcome it.
  • Do you know how to create a mind-body connection with your penis?
  • Why healing past traumas is key to improving your sex life!
  • And, so much more!

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