Episode 81: Deconstructing Failure and Divorce

Divorce. Failure. Two words we all try to stay away from. But the truth is if we want to move forward and be the best possible version of ourselves, we need to break it down, find the root of it and HEAL.

The agreements we make as children tend to stay with us on an unconscious level long into adulthood. We don’t always know how to break the patterns, which can lead to making decisions we don’t fully understand. Our bodies natural response to trauma is to become numb, allowing us to go through the motions and sabotage ourselves by never truly experiencing happiness.

Sometimes, even when divorce is the best decision for both partners, we still can feel an overwhelming sense of failure. But living with a fear of failure isn’t necessary. Choose to learn and grow from the hardships and use that knowledge to become a better person. Because you are worthy of healing your past traumas and worthy of the life you desire!

“I have chosen to use my hardships to make the world a better place, the techniques that I learned are what I use to help men heal themselves.” Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • Failure itself is not actually the problem, the roots of failure can be anger, sadness, guilt, hurt or fear.
  • In divorces, men tend to care less about losing material assets and more about the impact it will have on their kids.
  • You have to prioritize YOUR HAPPINESS!
  • And, so much more!

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