Episode 89: Demystifying Period Sex

Sex during periods. Is this a hard no or a reason for you to get creative with your partner? The subject of period sex is still very much taboo, even though it is 100% safe. Today my goal is to educate and let you know that it’s ok to have sex during periods. You might even find you and your partner enjoy it! A fun fact, sometimes sex during your time of the month can actually make you feel BETTER.

But if you know that period sex isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean the passion in your relationship has to take a backseat. Periods can make women more horny, so put that energy to good use! Use this time to get creative, send naughty texts, sexy photos or even leave a steamy voicemail to keep the spark alive!

We have to be willing to put in the effort and make these uncomfortable conversations more common, it’s the only way for us to fully understand how our partner feels. It’s ok to be unsure about it at first, but that’s why it’s so important to talk it out. Plus communication is the gateway to adventurous and amazing sex!

“One thing to remember is exposure is critical, the more we’re exposed to something the more comfortable we become.”
Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

  • Sex on your period can actually make you feel BETTER.
  • The increase in testosterone right before the period begins can make women more horny. 
  • Communication is key! Make sure you’re both comfortable before engaging in period sex.
  • And, so much more!

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