Episode 9 – Multi Orgasmic Men

Sex and The Sarrah Rose Story continues with an episode dedicated to Multi-Orgasmic Men. In an early chapter of “Story Time with Sarrah” we learn why the Sarrah’s voice sounds a bit hoarse and how Nicki Manaj, Dallas, and “one of my favorite blowjobs I’ve ever given” all play into it. This dovetails nicely into some terrific deep-throat coaching—all before the Coach does a deep dive introducing us to the whole concept of men being able to be multi-orgasmic. Talk about fascinating AND hot! She compares tantric sex to the oceans and “normal sex” to the water that comes out of your sink’s faucet. The “Ask Professor Sarrah Mailbag” segment questions include one about women who withhold sex from their men as punishment. Sarrah and Glenn play another round of Erin Hickok’s Cards for Humanity: Let’s Talk About Sex. Plus, so much more!

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for men and women who desire healthy and holistic sex lives.

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