Episode 22 – Self-Love

Did you know that sexual mastery for men begins with self-love?

This is the PERFECT time for you to do your most important work.

Join Sarrah Rose for a conversation about the #1 SEXIEST thing guys can do to become attractive to women – self-love!

The best way to penetrate a woman is to penetrate our society’s shaming, sex-negative barriers, and embrace and love your WHOLE self – even the parts you don’t like.

All the sexual technique classes in the world won’t do you any good if you hate the man you see in the mirror.

And who knows how long this crisis will last, but one thing’s for sure – when the levee breaks and we’re all back on the prowl again, you want to have your game face on!

Your sex coach for men, Sarrah Rose, has her own stories of climbing the walls during the isolation.

Sarrah and Erin Hickok swap notes on how they’re using the time to deal with different emotions and feelings they experience.

So now’s the time, gentlemen … if you want to emerge from this crisis with greater
sexual mastery than you’ve ever had … learn to love yourself!

Most men who come to me want sexual confidence more than anything. But you can’t have sexual confidence without self-love.” – Sarrah Rose

In This Episode:

– How unconditional self-love can help you to stop feeling ashamed and start being your authentic self

– Erin’s secret of her deep, long-lasting happiness – how you can access and use it to become a better lover!

– How Sarrah’s tantric journey to overcome self-hatred produced unshakeable confidence

– Why sexual confidence can ONLY come from a place of self-love

– And so much more!


  • Erin Hickok is the founder of Games For Humanity and creator of Cards for Connection.
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