Tantra Coach Sarrah Rose developed this simple-to-follow course based on extensive research and personal experience with her clients. How does she turn you into a Sex Stallion?


  • Problems getting hard or staying hard
  • Porn addiction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Ejaculation feels like nothing more than a crotch sneeze
  • Unable to satisfy her in bed
  • Not feeling turned on
  • No stamina
  • Can't give her orgasms
  • She's not interested in sex anymore


    • Ejaculation control
    • Multiple orgasms
    • Full body orgasms
    • Sex for hours without tiring
    • Last long enough to give her deep vaginal orgasms
    • Move sexual energy so that sex doesn't get boring
    • Connect with her deeply during sex
Anyone can do it. You don't need sensual Tantric workshops. These video and audio courses require nothing more than a little time and firm dedication. The only question is when will you start?


The sex education you need. Seriously, this should be mandatory for all men. Become a sexual master and satisfy her every time.

No partner needed! All practices are done on your own with Sarrah Rose's guidance. Get Instant Access



“Second time having sex since my ex. First time was over a month ago. I penetrated her for over an hour without the need to stop or slow down. We had sexy time for over 2 hours, and I was in my power of pleasure the whole time.

She was blown away! Orgasming multiple times throughout the evening. She called me an artist, incredible, amazing. Then again this morning, she rode me for nearly an hour, I had several orgasms and no desire to ejaculate, which further impressed her.

She told me that I shattered her, like she was a pane of glass, or a glass igloo and I was a gong that exploded her from within!

Feeling so grateful and super impressed, and I have the nail marks all along the sides of my back as a pleasant reminder!

Thanks for all your guidance and support, I greatly appreciate it. She was blown away that I ‘fucked her brains out’! Victory!”

– Justin B

“Hey there- Could you please create ball caps with your logo and hand them out to Sex Stallion Training graduates? Met one and played around and it was luscious so if I could identify them from afar – that would be super sweet. Black would be cute but hot pink would let me spot them waaaay in the distance.

Don’t ever stop what you’re doing. You are making a difference that echoes way beyond what you can see.”

– Xoxo, Maggie C


“It’s fascinating how since taking Sex Stallion Training, these strong women now either want me to move in or I get proposals of marriage…I also find it fascinating that we all starve for intimacy when the impression is that it’s all around us. We truly seek and want to connect with Presence.”

– CJ Peters

“I really can’t thank Sarrah enough for all her help. I’ve just completed her Sex Stallion Training and feel like I have more direction and purpose than ever before.

It’s interesting how the universe times things out for us. I was about 8 months into a very intensely sexual relationship with my now fiance when things started to change for us.
She had an energy shift in herself and wasn’t the same person I had met. I guess the limerence had worn off. Not really knowing where I fit in with her new state of being I began feeling rejected.
That’s when Sarrah fell into our laps. After just a few sessions I found myself with a new confidence. I realized the feelings and emotions I was experiencing were coming from within and was given a new way of processing them.

I no longer find my identity through my sexuality. I’m just me and when I have sex that’s what I’m doing in that moment and am no longer consumed by it. The pressure has been taken off. I can engage with confidence and even if it’s not reciprocated in that moment it doesn’t send me into a tailspin of worry and frustration.

I recommend Sex Stallion Training for anyone who doesn’t feel that they are living up to their fullest potential no matter what issues they are dealing with.”

– Chad H

When I began my 10-week coaching session with Sarrah, my sexual center had completely shut down. I am a 27-year old male and it had gotten to the point where I could not get aroused and my naughty bits were numb and shrunken all the time.

Sarrah has an inviting and non-judgmental demeanor that makes it possible to open up about anything. During our sessions I opened up to her about things that I had never even opened up to myself about. In each session she would delve into my psyche and fish out the backstories and limiting beliefs I held onto, as well as take me through a meditation/energy session to activate and restore whatever area we were working with that day. She also prescribes her own guided meditation content for weekly homework for you to do in between weekly sessions. These exercises build your connection with your own body and soul.

I remember how incredibly difficult some of the exercises were at first; all sensations related to the D had essentially left my being and I was very demoralized and depressed about it. However, following her exercises and advice I was able to gradually make progress and restore feeling down there, as well as develop a voracious libido.

If you work with Sarrah, know that you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. You will probably realize things about yourself you never knew. You will have to face things about yourself that you don’t want to, so that you can bust through blocks and balance your energy system. Only work with her if you are ready to embrace the discomfort and pain and transform yourself. I lost count of the amount of times she had me bawling on our Zoom calls.

She always handled herself with professionalism and grace, although sometimes I think she enjoys exposing client’s pain points a little too much hahaha.

Thank you Sarrah, it was a pleasure to work with you and the sexual experiences I have had since finishing the coaching program have been better than anything I have had before. Arousal is no problem at all, I can last as long as I want, and after getting comfortable with the breathing exercises and the energy flows, I’ve been told that my downstairs situation is bigger all the time; what guy doesn’t want to hear that?

I sing your praises to anyone who will listen. You rock! Much love.

– Max

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