Tantra Coach Sarrah Rose developed this simple-to-follow course based on extensive research and personal experience with her clients. How does she turn you into a Sex Stallion?


  • Problems getting hard or staying hard
  • Porn addiction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Ejaculation feels like nothing more than a crotch sneeze
  • Unable to satisfy her in bed
  • Not feeling turned on
  • No stamina
  • Can't give her orgasms
  • She's not interested in sex anymore


    • Ejaculation control
    • Multiple orgasms
    • Full body orgasms
    • Sex for hours without tiring
    • Last long enough to give her deep vaginal orgasms
    • Move sexual energy so that sex doesn't get boring
    • Connect with her deeply during sex
Anyone can do it. You don't need sensual Tantric workshops. These video and audio courses require nothing more than a little time and firm dedication. The only question is when will you start?


The sex education you need. Seriously, this should be mandatory for all men. Become a sexual master and satisfy her every time.

No partner needed! All practices are done on your own with Sarrah Rose's guidance. Get Instant Access



I’ve been doing Tantra for four years and consistency is key. One of the biggest complements that I can give Sarrah’s program Sex Stallion Training is that I’ve been doing it for months now and am continuing to do it. It shines because it’s simple and engaging. It’s like a ‘sticky’ habit…hahaha. But I literally wake up in the morning and I do it right away. 

It’s added a lot of joy and fulfilment to my life and made me very magnetic to women. I have women come up to me and say that they don’t know what it is but that my energy feels very empowering and that they’re really attracted to me. 

The program is very foundational and it’s very entertaining. She uses her vocal tonality to do all sorts of fun things and she has this sexy trainer vibe. It’s fun, it’s playful. It contains skill drills that build on each other and it makes something that could be quite monotonous, enjoyable so you want to keep doing it. 

There’s also no filler. It’s direct and to the point and I’ve noticed a tangible increase in my stamina. I’ve done other tantra courses and even other tantra courses with Sarrah and this is the one that has helped me stick with it. 

A lot of tantra courses, especially those taught to men by women are very clinical, detached and spiritual. They skirt around the topic of sex but in Sarrah’s program, it’s clearly about the sex! Even the name is Sex Stallion Training! 

She’s really good at keeping it sexy and fun and encouraging the right behavior It’s very supportive and uses psychology of behavior and motive to guide us through every step so all you gotta do is get up and turn it on.

I truly believe this is going to help a lot of people. It’s up to you to do the work but I can attest that Sarrah is one hell of a trainer. Have fun and enjoy!

– Leo

“Hey there- Could you please create ball caps with your logo and hand them out to Sex Stallion Training graduates? Met one and played around and it was luscious so if I could identify them from afar – that would be super sweet. Black would be cute but hot pink would let me spot them waaaay in the distance.

Don’t ever stop what you’re doing. You are making a difference that echoes way beyond what you can see.”

– Xoxo, Maggie

“It’s fascinating how since taking Sex Stallion Training, these strong women now either want me to move in or I get proposals of marriage…I also find it fascinating that we all starve for intimacy when the impression is that it’s all around us. We truly seek and want to connect with Presence.”

– CJ

“I have often noticed women who have a very special type of charisma, women who are immensely attractive and have SEX written all over them. Many times I have said to myself, ‘Damn, I wish I was a male version of that, I just don’t know where to start!’

With Sex Stallion Training, I no longer have the excuse of not knowing where to start. I have a better starting point that I could have ever hoped for, the future of my sexual development is directly in my hands.”

– Chris

“I used to masturbate in a very weird way. This developed when I was a kid, before I even understood what masturbation really was. This was not very practical and as I grew up, I wanted to masturbate in the normal way, but my habit was so deeply ingrained that it seemed impossible to get rid of it. However, after 4 weeks of Sex Stallion training I have managed this and I’m never gonna look back!”


“Sarrah Rose Coaching is Super Empowering! Or rather, she helps men discover their Super Powers in themselves, in bed and supports them in penetrating life with orgasmic bliss! Eternally grateful for this Goddess, and loving this course. I Am on Fire!”


“This is the text that I woke up to this morning, Sarrah. Thank you for Sex Stallion Training!

‘I can’t remember the last time a guy has ever made me feel that good…last night was a great night’.”


“Sarrah, she says she’s never experienced anything like this. I didn’t know I could do that either!”


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