A FREE 10-day celebration of feminine pleasure to fuel your body with orgasmic energy and elevate your sex-life

Starting Monday, May 10th, 2021


Give me 10 days and I will completely transform your experience of feminine pleasure.

“Sarrah’s teachings are so profound with a solid background from scientific approaches and ancient wisdom and traditions and she is drawing it all together to fit a modern-day lifestyle, matching the challenges a woman of the 21st century is facing.”
- Jessica

With everything you have to manage in your daily life, pleasure is probably the last thing you’re prioritizing.

Your schedule is full. I get it.

Making space for sensuality and sexuality feels like just another thing to check off your ever-expanding to-do list.

Something that should renew you with life-force energy feels like a burden.

Yet ignoring your deepest heart’s desire for love and connection is like a burning hole of self-denial.

If you’re being honest, however, your sex-life is heading towards a dead end.


You’re just starting to give up altogether, ready to resign to yet another year of movie nights and dark chocolate. Maybe post-quarantine life will make things better… (Hint: it won’t.)

Girlfriend, I feel you.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Countless other women are struggling just like you.

And let me tell you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you for feeling this way.

But it’s also okay to do something about your situation…

Now is the time to reclaim your wild sexual power and bring back the roaring goddess that lives inside of you.

“I recommend Sarrah Rose as a teacher for her gracious ability to guide and hold space for women during her sacred meditations. I appreciated her calmness, kindness, and dedication.”
- Liz

Hi, I’m Sarrah Rose,

And I help high-achieving women like you get turned on and lit up from within. Empowering women to break through to their highest levels of ecstatic pleasure is my ultimate joy in life.

In case we haven’t met, I’m a Certified Tantric Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. I have over 19 years of experience with yoga, tantra, breathwork, and other holistic and spiritual practices.

I’ve traveled the world to be trained by top experts and studied over a hundred modern and ancient texts to bring you the best approach to the sacred rituals of tantra.

But life hasn’t always been this way… I used to be timid, insecure, and sexually repressed. Growing up in a strict religious community, sex was a taboo topic. It took me years to free myself from this conditioning.

I stayed in an unhealthy relationship for over a decade because I had been brainwashed into thinking that divorce was not an option and staying married was more important than my health and happiness.

I felt so ashamed about being in a toxic relationship that I didn’t dare to speak to anyone about it. I pretended that everything was ok.

I’ve chosen to use the hardship to make me even stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. What I’ve been through allows me to lead people along their own complicated journeys of sexual healing and empowerment.

Guiding people to align their sexuality to power, creation, and bliss is my life’s passion. Now I’m here to share all of this knowledge with you.

“Sarrah's work is one to follow. She's an authentic, caring woman that seeks to better the lives of others through finding their truth within. She's an amazing woman, coach, educator, and friend to all that cross her path.”
- Rocio

As a woman, you deserve to feel unbound pleasure and power within you -- no matter what’s happening on the external.

Your current reality might look boring, lonely, or downright depressing.

But I’m gonna let you in on a secret: Your greatest happiness in life is not affected by outer circumstances.

You access it within yourself. It lies in the intimate connection to your womb and your pussy, your breasts, and your heart.

Pleasure is your key to a turned-on, satisfying life.

When you uplevel internally, your external reality will shift accordingly.

Truth-bomb: It takes a bold woman to commit to pleasure. Especially during these crazy times.

“Before the Immersion, I was not wanting to do anything sexual, not even kiss or hug. Since the Immersion, I’m back to hugging and kissing and wanting to have sex again.”
- Madeline

You know what happens when you boldly tap into the power of pleasure with ease?


Imagine being able to experience all of this in just 10 days, with proven tools and techniques you can use again and again. For real.

Now you can, with my FREE Tantric Activation Immersion, a virtual live retreat that will change the way you approach pleasure for good. In only 10 days.

The best part?

It’s FREE!

The only thing that’s required for you to reap all the benefits is your full participation. Set aside time on your calendar every day and show up like you would for a paid event.

Because your pleasure matters. It ripples out across the universe and contributes to the collective empowerment of all women and the healing of our planet. So show up fully–for yourself and for all the women worldwide who cannot join us right now.

Are you ready to contribute to this global pleasure revolution?

This FREE immersion happens only once a year, so join before May 10th to secure your spot!

“I love how I feel safe and can be myself with Sarrah. I like her earthiness and her energy. It feels very magical and yet also very worldly. I feel very drawn to that energy and I like learning from her.”
- Jen

What’s inside the Tantric Activation Immersion?

Every day for 10 days, you’ll get a...

1) Tantric Pleasure Activation

I’ll be leading Pleasure Activations LIVE on Zoom at 3 pm ET each day during the Immersion. If you’re able to make it live, great! If not, the recording is just as potent and will be delivered to your inbox that evening.

Get ready to open the doors of opportunity, magic, and manifestation. I’ll guide you through a daily hypnotic experience to completely rewire your unconscious mind from stress to pleasure, leaving you feeling empowered, excited to create, and ready to manifest.

3) Tantric Embodiment Practice

Every single day of Tantric Activation Immersion, we will challenge you to bring the tools you’re learning into action with a tangible embodiment practice. Apply what you learn so you can play with magic and see the miracles unfold in front of your eyes.

2) Practical Pleasure Lesson

Along with the Pleasure Activation, you’ll receive a daily Pleasure Lesson.

I’ve helped countless women tap into their sexual energy and power to create thriving lives that are sourced from their Shakti flow. They completely transform their relationship with self-worth, confidence, and attraction through my programs.

Now you can get this too, with my top 10 sexual healing mindset shifts to infuse your life with passion.

4) Community of Like-Minded Women

You’ll have the chance to connect with me, Sarrah, and your sisters on Facebook. Share your insights and learnings in our virtual community. You’ll have so much fun playing with a large community of badass women just like you!

But wait, there's more...!

I believe in a diverse learning environment, so I’m bringing you top industry leaders.

There’s a new speaker for each day, from all different backgrounds to share their experiences with aliveness and pleasure.

I'm Beyond Excited to Bring to You These Incredible Female Leaders!

Deonna Jeffries
Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Erin Hickock
Connectress & Founder of Games for Humanity
Sam Altieri
Psychology Based Health, Business, and Life Coach
Dr. Zhana Vrangalova
Sex and Relationship Professor and Consultant
Camille Craft

Astro Herbalist & Witch

Yael Gutin

Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coach

Lizzy Jeff

Rap Priestess & CEO of Zen & Kush

Roz Mays

Your Favorite Pole Dancing Meathead, Roz The Diva

Kimi Inch

Author, Professional Dominatrix, and Kink/BDSM Educator

Jena la Flamme

Teacher of Sacred Sex & Body Confidence

Ronja Sebastian

Creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat and the Deep Woman Immersion

This is going to be epic!

Think a delicious retreat of 3000+ badass women celebrating life and sexuality, sending ripples of pleasure through the collective consciousness.

Are you ready to put all your excuses aside, giving the middle finger to societal norms by prioritizing turn-on amid the chaos?

Tantric Activation

Women's Immersion

This FREE immersion happens only once a year, so join before May 10th to secure your spot!

“This experience changed the way I feel about myself and about my body. It has helped me in healing past traumas and understanding auto-sabotaging dynamics in my relationships. I wish I every woman (and especially survivors of abuse!) could make the experience Sarrah Rose offered us. The way I view sex and men has changed forever. Absolutely recommended!!!”


Join us in co-creating a new wave of feminism... where pleasure is your true north and turn-on is your natural state of being!

I can’t wait to see you inside the immersion!
xo Sarrah

This FREE immersion happens only once a year, so join before May 10th to secure your spot!

Yes Sarrah, I want to experience the FREE Tantric Activation Immersion!