Tantric Sex – Penetrate Your Mind and Body

Fundamentals of Tantric Sex

The fundamentals of Tantric Sex are breath, focus, movement, and sound.
The combination of these brings about complete presence.
Presence is the most important part of Tantric Sex.
When you are with your lover and you are completely present with each other, you can experience the deepest love and healing possible.

Tantric Sex is not conventional sex.

Conventional sex is thrusting and grunting and squirting fluids about in a quest to find the pleasure spots on a woman and make each other cum
There is a momentary high in the orgasm as dopamine levels spike.
It feels great and there’s nothing wrong with it, but there is so much more available.

Sting made Tantric Sex famous by saying that he and his wife would have sex for eight hours.
People went nuts saying that isn’t possible and even if it was, why would anyone want to do that?

The people saying this were comparing it to eight hours of conventional sex.

Tantric Sex is about deep connection.

It’s about being in tune with your partner.
While physical gratification does happen, it’s not the goal.
It’s part of the experience, not the entire experience.

Tantric Sex takes us beyond our biological nature.
It takes us deeper into our psyches.
Deeper into love.
Deeper into fulfillment in our relationship and life.

It’s rich and satisfying in a way that conventional sex never will be.

When I’m with my lover, there is no concept of time.
We aren’t counting orgasms.
We aren’t impressed by squirting.
We aren’t trying to look good for each other.
We aren’t trying to win deep throating awards.

Do all of those things happen?
Do they make the experience feel really good?

But all of that can happen in conventional sex without two lovers connecting in the way that they do in Tantric Sex.

During Tantric Sex, I experience his heart beating with mine and our love explodes through the walls. All the tension that gets built up during the days and weeks comes pouring out of us.
Waves of emotion make tears come out of our eyes. The healing begins.

He says silly things and I laugh.
We chant our favorite mantras.
He prays as he goes down on me.

He penetrates me in my pussy, but also in so many other ways.

We can be still with his hard cock deep inside of me.
Allowing the stillness of the moment to be all that we need.

Our egos dissolve and we move beyond the world of duality and into the realms where we become one.
One with each other and with all.

It brings me into alignment with the truth of who I am.

Can this last for eight hours?
And, there’s no other way that I’d rather spend my time.

A life fueled by desire, passion, fire, and heat is dripping wet. I moved from a stale life to a sublime existence. A life of shoulds and should nots. Do’s and don'ts. Sin and damnation. A fucking cage of social constructs. The prison of my own mind. So I decided to break free, chase my passions, and ignore mainstream solicitations.
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