What makes Coaching with Sarrah Rose so unforgettable?

"I had been recently divorced, feeling like a lost soul in need of answers and didn’t know what to do to institute the change in my life I wanted to see. I signed up for the Man on Fire program because I didn’t want my past to define me. I wanted to cultivate confidence in and out of the bedroom and I wanted to know myself. The depth to which you know your own self, you may know another, and this program is a clear path to deep and meaningful intimacy. I wanted to cultivate deep meaningful relationships, work through the trauma of my divorce and have mind boggling, multi-orgasmic sex.

This program has taught me how to embody my potential, own my primal sexuality and thrive along the journey. All I can say is that I’m grateful I signed up! I’m having the best sex of my life with an amazing partner, my personal and professional relationships are robust and healthy and I have an abundance of sexual energy. It took work and dedication and I’m glad I used my free time to level up. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for my own personal and professional development."

- Jeff
"After being in the program for a short time, I realized that it is so much more than just about having a better sex life. It is about making me a better man on mental and emotional levels as well as sexual.

I am 100% sure if I would've started the program sooner, our marriage would've been saved because Man on Fire deals with so many of the issues that were detrimental to the marriage, such as intimacy, effective communication, knowing needs and desires, and of course, having great sex."

- Robert
"A year ago, I was just struggling to trust myself, today I’m leading a team to greater heights. This fucking program works! I’ve seen the change in my personal life, my professional life and sure as shit in my love life.

My income has increased by 40%, my social circle (in spite of the pandemic) has grown profoundly and my relationship prospects have never been better. I’m laughing more, I’m worrying less and women seem to gravitate to me almost every where I go. Beyond all of that, I’m just gonna say, I’m happy and I trust that I have the tools and capacity to show up, close that sale, fuck her brains out and make a difference when and where I want to."
- James
"I wanted to take this time to thank Sarrah Rose for helping me to grow in so many ways. My confidence and love for myself as man and who I am is in much better place than my past. I wasn't in a good place before this program. Selling my business of so many years a family business is something that this this program gave me the courage to do. My ability to get a job was incredible, I feel like my confidence in the interview was a big part of the work we have done in this program. I am blessed to be part of this incredible program."
- Dale
"The information and tools he has gained from this program along with the ability to share with his peers, have clearly empowered Mark with direction and the ability to “make change”, a proposition that before this program, was surely overwhelming.

Within his first weeks of the program, Mark was eager to do the homework and introduce new approaches learned to enhance our connection.

He dove deep into his current perspective as a man and challenged himself to grow in his masculinity and gain a deeper understanding. He emerged humbled, yet triumphant!

I am so proud of him and excited for us and our future."
- Karen
"She said I'm the most amazing sexual partner she's had!"
- David W
“The best part of the Man on Fire program was not only did I get a lot of good sexual advice and techniques, but on top of that I got a lot of growth in myself.

This will not only make you better in bed but better at managing your life.

How many programs can actually do that?

You get daily coaching advice, a group of other people in the same position as you, so not only will you feel alone, you also have a community."

- Hanz
"I love having my masculinity celebrated. Having seen Sarrah go to bat for the masculine feels, it feels really healing to receive that.
- Levi
“I met a new woman while I was in the Man on Fire program, and we have been having the most intimate and pleasurable sex I’ve had in my life.

She’s an incredible person, and we have shared so much in terms of self-love and healing perspectives.

The work I’ve done around identities and performance anxiety has made it possible for me to stay present, aware, grounded in my own turn-on, and in control of my arousal levels, so that I have been able to last so much longer and have more choice about when I want to have my own orgasm.

I can't say enough about how thrilled I am to experience a greater level of control and confidence, as well as being able to experience a loving relationship, where I’m loving myself through a graceful aware presence.”

- Steven
"This program has positively affected my mental health. I’ve been able to clear out a lot of the garbage of my past and see things more clearly. This program has taught me how to face challenging emotions and given me a community to share in my journey."
- Adam
"This next level of connection has really blossomed and developed as my husband has worked through Sarrah's, Man on Fire, program. His growth has been our growth. As his masculine energy has really come to the surface, my feminine energy has been unshackled in response and these energies together make a sum that is more than its parts.

As for the sex that has resulted from the Man on Fire program, if there are words to describe it, I don't know them. And this is "just the tip" of the iceberg because every time we have sex, it is exponentially more spiritual, emotional, and physically sensational. I am convinced, if they taught this in sex-ed, there would be no more wars. "

- Rebecca
"I have gone from a sexual klutz in the bedroom to one who has confidence in himself from the boardroom to the bedroom. I not only have had the best sex of my life since joining, I’ve also learned what it means to be fully and spiritually connected with a woman and become the lover she has always dreamed about.

For me this has resulted in finding the love of my life and taking that love to another level through the wonderful intimate experiences we’ve had together. And this past weekend we got engaged!

I’m afraid to think what would have happened had I not found Man On Fire. I can only say that all the hard work and dedication I’ve put in has resulted in the woman and the relationship of my dreams."
- Nicholas
"The program has been wonderful, greatly exceeding my expectations. Signing up for this program has definitely changed my life for the better and has instilled a much more positive attitude towards myself and my future."
- Robbie
"I could close multimillion dollar deals, but I did not truly LOVE what was looking back at me in the mirror.

Man on Fire helps me to accept my powerful masculinity, all aspects of my character traits and the freedom to express my intimacy with love and compassion.

Man on Fire helps me release this beautiful, powerful, enormous lion that stands beside me today.

Through Sarrah’s program, I now possess a tremendous capacity to introduce my truth, everything as to who I am, into my life - I now feel whole.

- Craig
"Within a month of starting the Man on Fire program I was having the best sex of my life. I was able to release shame around sex and my sexuality allowing me to connect deeper with myself and my partner. I highly recommend working with Sarrah!"
- Ben
"I’ve never had the separation of orgasm from ejaculation before and I developed the ability to do that in this Man on Fire program.

I’ve done a lot of coaching before, and these are the most immediate results I’ve had.

I’ve recognised that energy can flow throughout my body, and orgasm can be so many different kinds of feelings beyond the typical ejaculatory orgasm. It doesn’t have to be about a physical fluid event. It can be waves of pleasure and joy, bounding around like in the ocean, and all of that can build and develop into greater, more prolonged erections, and so the climax is not singular, it’s a dance, it’s a crescendo.
It’s life-changing. Staying present, taking my time, not being worried."
- Logan
"I joined MoF to gain sexual confidence. I’d heard countless times from my wife ‘I want more intimacy,” but I didn’t know how to give her that. In MoF, to be honest I’ve learned how to be a better man. Everything about the program is so fucking deep. Things I’ve never heard of - polarity, holding space for women emotionally. I wish I would have had this while I was married. I don’t think that I was a man who created spaces for women to express themselves physically and emotionally. Now I’m a lot better than I was."
- Adrian
"What has opened up for me, and her, through all I’ve learned here, is better than I thought possible."
- Shaun
"I've been thrilled to do a number of programs with Sarrah Rose, and I can safely say that Man on Fire is the most supportive and growth-stimulating one yet. Her expert guidance, paired with being surrounded by like-minded men on a similar path, create a potent cauldron for transformation in whatever life area we seek. Each week takes us deeper and deeper as we learn to channel our sexual energy for greater health, wealth, and delicious relationships.

If you're looking for support on your path, this would be a great program as it pairs the camaraderie of men with the top notch guidance of a savvy and experienced female master teacher. Buckle up though, it gets pretty hot when the cauldron starts cooking!
- Shaun
"My life would have been a lot better if I had known about these techniques and approached women with them. Having sex with a woman and not ejaculating is actually tremendously healing."
- Sam
"I came to this program because I have a huge fear of intimacy and sexual shame and I want to handle those issues, but there is a lot more to be gained from this. If it is this wild in the beginning I can only imagine where it goes from here with a deeper understanding. "
- Rocky
"We also live in a society with repressed emotions - we like to simplify things. Tantric practices has helped me process all my emotions and enabled me to become a stronger, healthier balanced adult.

Slowing down, connected breath, eye gazing, changing pace of touch - with the focus on mutual pleasure and making it a positive, almost spiritual experience for both the man and the woman has helped me realize now that my sexuality is not a bad thing but can be an amazing thing."
- Sachin
""After going through this program, I have more dates than I know what to do with! I’m no longer afraid of what other people think of me. I’ve released more anger and resentment than I even realized I had. Every time I think ‘this can’t get any better, it gets better. The last four months of doing these practices were the most productive months I’ve had. I’ve let go of some old beliefs and gotten back in touch with the core of who I am, and it’s beautiful."
- Liam
"Win: I was finishing my therapy session earlier today and my therapist basically said "Holy shit, you have changed in the past 4 weeks!’ - of course she knows I’m in the Man on Fire program and she’s amazed at how all the work we collectively are putting in is helping me get to know more about my inner self! Thank you! ️"
- Ron
"My penis has been feeling like the sun lately. It's like a torch of sexual energy. The January line-up of practices really did a number for me, and I've been bursting with aliveness most of the time. I ALSO uncovered my deeper primal power which was really exciting because that's something I never felt before man on fire."
- Jordan
"My biggest win has been building deeper connections with the people I love, and I notice I've been using it in my professional life too. I've always struggled with focusing on the past and future and not experiencing the present. The Man on Fire program helped me be mindful of the present.

I've been on several dates now and there an abundance of love and worthiness.There are quality people in life.

We are all struggling with something and looking for someone to work things through with."
- Chris
"I've had a very transformational experience. The practices and content were top notch. I am absolutely hooked on tantra and have been very strong in my personal practice."
- Ryan
"Worked immediately and with time and effort I began to feel the power and potential of tantric activation I thought was out of reach for someone like me in a sexless marriage and 55 years old at the time. I regained confidence as I overcame symptoms of ED and PE.

I started laughing and smiling more, I slept better, had more vitality (aka had full body orgasms again!), dove into my business ventures, showed up for my family (regardless of our struggles) and found myself stepping out of my protective shell and back into life."
- David
"Had an AMAZING weekend with the wife. We had the most/best sex we've had in years and spent a lot of quality time together. I've gotten to the point where I have no anxiety about sex anymore and I feel like there is no way I will lose my erection."
- Keith
"The last couple months have done so much to the relationship between my wife and myself. The attention we give each other has more than tripled. This is within the day to day activities and in the bedroom. The best part is that we know there is so much more to explore and we are open minded to keep exploring."
- Jim
"After my divorce set in, I was very depressed. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. Little did I know I had been operating without any tools or guidance. Man On Fire has changed my life for the better.

I am on such a great path now. My relationships with my friends, family and significant other have improved. Man On Fire keeps you engaged with yourself weekly and keeps you present. Sarrah and her team have laid out such great tools and knowledge such as consent, subconscious work, how to touch, how to get what you really want, how to take the time to work through your trauma and build a strong foundation for your next relationship so that it is successful and healthy. I now have an amazing relationship with my new partner with a strong foundation. She's wet in my presence 24/7 because of the work I have done."
- David
"Even though I'm not in a committed relationship, this course open so many opportunities to learn about myself and be a better lover. I've gotten more ladies telling me how safe they feel and become more open to me. I love living in the moment more now then daydreaming about the future and the whatifs. I've been reviewing the pussy massage and pussyology videos. They are good reminders to take things slow, check-ins, and enjoy the energy.”
- Francis
“Before Man on Fire, I was struggling with ED and performance anxiety. I would want to have sex but then couldn’t get hard. I felt like I HAD to perform but I wasn’t able to, which created a lot of anxiety. Now, a few months into the course, my ability to perform has changed - I don’t have that anxious feeling of ‘oh my god, I have to do this’ - now sex feels like an adventure that I’m excited about. Most of the time I can get hard with my wife when I want to. I got great dividends from this program.”
- Joe
"My biggest take away from this program is learning before I can show love and intimacy to a partner, I need to hold that same space for myself to heal and grow. Thank you Sarrah, Ananya, and the MoF group for the support and push."
- Michael
"For me, I've always had performance anxiety specifically on ejaculating. I would have long sessions with ladies and I would always feel like I was signaling I wasn't enjoying myself to my partner due to that. The first time I lost my virginity I had a five hour session and still couldn't come, and I thought something was wrong with me.

Since being in the Man on Fire program and working with Sarrah and being in community with other guys who had experiences like, I’ve changed my mindset on performance anxiety. I now use it as a tool to play longer and have open dialog about it especially through the tips and techniques from this coursework.

Full body orgasms have amplified sex and I feel more in control of when I want to ejaculate. I also tackled my over visual stimulation from porn and masturbation, which also helped. I feel my testosterone and sex drive to still be high, but with more knowledge on how handle it."
- Gary
"Grateful I stubbled upon MOF and I love my new perspective on sex and love. Coming into this program I was so lost on all of it. I've quickly gained what I'm sure is a small amount of information that has made such a profound impact on how I live and view the world."
- Jason
"I realized that in working on being the best version of myself in this program, which to me meant working on my sexuality and masculinity, I came face to face with the essence of who I was, exposing all my vulnerabilities. I learned to love who I am. And that sex really does matter. When you experience sex beyond the procreative and physical to a highly spiritual, metaphysical mind blowing orgasmic flow of energy, you realize just how important it is, just like exercising, being good at your job, finding your mission in life — it really freaking matters."
- Max
"Before signing up I was struggling with social anxiety and self-image. My biggest win has been gaining a new perspective on my struggles: realizing ‘I’m not alone’ and being able to connect with everyone in the group despite my social anxiety. It’s really helpful to see what everyone else in the group is going through. I would absolutely recommend MoF, and I just signed up for another 6 months."
- Tyler
"My current relationship blew my notions about sex out of the water because it was the first time that we openly discussed our sexual desires, priorities, likes and fantasies with one another. It also brought to light our vulnerabilities and made what was once taboo thoughts and desires into a topic of gentile, loving conversation.

I consider myself fortunate because the beautiful woman I’m with in my relationship thinks very similarly to the way Sarrah Rose teaches in MOF, and she fully supports me in my journey.

We fantasize, experiment, laugh and play all the time. It’s really a wonderful feeling to have in a relationship. And even more, we use our mutually heightened sexuality to enhance our relationship and bring us closer in connection to one other."
- Derek
"I have noticed that I am nicer to myself and more understanding of myself. It's a lot easier to be more critical of things you don't understand and that includes your own shadows. Gaining an understanding of those shadows has opened me up to myself. I feel more comfortable around women and more confident in myself. I can listen more intently and can actively hold space for them. Not to mention amazing sex... I have noticed that I am able to control my attitude and patients more easily around my daughter. I have been able to hold space for her when she is working through something that is tough for her. Hopefully also showing her what a healthy adult relationship looks like when people are willing to grow themselves and their relationship."
- Benjamin
"The main reasons why I signed up to the MoF program was my lack of sexual experience, the feeling of shame coming along with it and the lack of clarity about my hesitation to actively bringing women into my life. Already having experienced shadow work workshops and a seduction course, I thought I knew myself quite well and I know how to cold approach women on the streets. I know I love women and I know they like being around me but yet I struggle to change my romantic life. I feel as if I am both stepping hard on the break and on the gas at the same time even though my heart is telling me what I really want. I want to understand what is really holding me back in life and how to change it once and for all.

6 months in the MoF program I am finding deeper layers of emotions which are really controlling my life. I have learnt exercises which help me big time to deal with these "inner boundaries" and are also broadening my awareness in order to spot this sometimes subtle triggers. This is my biggest win, I am step by step taking back the control and ownership of my life and I totally love this developing feeling of freedom and power!"
- Jack
"I have experienced a lot of progression and my sense of purpose has deepened/grown plenty. Initially, healing my own insecurities and strengthening my areas that need development was my reason for being here. But after improving many of these I began to focus more on what interests me, out of excitement and curiosity. I have put a lot of energy in, and I can feel my expansion especially when self pleasuring.

Lately I have been feeling more than enough as I am, and I have been feeling such an abundance of energy inside of my body. I want to explore sharing my energy and building love with the nature that surrounds me as well as a few specific close friends."
- Jordan


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