What makes Coaching with Sarrah Rose so unforgettable?

"I had been recently divorced, feeling like a lost soul in need of answers and didn’t know what to do to institute the change in my life I wanted to see. I signed up for the Man on Fire program because I didn’t want my past to define me. I wanted to cultivate confidence in and out of the bedroom and I wanted to know myself. The depth to which you know your own self, you may know another, and this program is a clear path to deep and meaningful intimacy. I wanted to cultivate deep meaningful relationships, work through the trauma of my divorce and have mind boggling, multi-orgasmic sex.

This program has taught me how to embody my potential, own my primal sexuality and thrive along the journey. All I can say is that I’m grateful I signed up! I’m having the best sex of my life with an amazing partner, my personal and professional relationships are robust and healthy and I have an abundance of sexual energy. It took work and dedication and I’m glad I used my free time to level up. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for my own personal and professional development."

- Jeff
"After being in the program for a short time, I realized that it is so much more than just about having a better sex life. It is about making me a better man on mental and emotional levels as well as sexual.

I am 100% sure if I would've started the program sooner, our marriage would've been saved because Man on Fire deals with so many of the issues that were detrimental to the marriage, such as intimacy, effective communication, knowing needs and desires, and of course, having great sex."

- Robert
"She said I'm the most amazing sexual partner she's had!"
- David W
“The best part of the Man on Fire program was not only did I get a lot of good sexual advice and techniques, but on top of that I got a lot of growth in myself.

This will not only make you better in bed but better at managing your life.

How many programs can actually do that?

You get daily coaching advice, a group of other people in the same position as you, so not only will you feel alone, you also have a community."

- Hanz
“I met a new woman while I was in the Man on Fire program, and we have been having the most intimate and pleasurable sex I’ve had in my life.

She’s an incredible person, and we have shared so much in terms of self-love and healing perspectives.

The work I’ve done around identities and performance anxiety has made it possible for me to stay present, aware, grounded in my own turn-on, and in control of my arousal levels, so that I have been able to last so much longer and have more choice about when I want to have my own orgasm.

I can't say enough about how thrilled I am to experience a greater level of control and confidence, as well as being able to experience a loving relationship, where I’m loving myself through a graceful aware presence.”

- Steven
"This next level of connection has really blossomed and developed as my husband has worked through Sarrah's, Man on Fire, program. His growth has been our growth. As his masculine energy has really come to the surface, my feminine energy has been unshackled in response and these energies together make a sum that is more than its parts.

As for the sex that has resulted from the Man on Fire program, if there are words to describe it, I don't know them. And this is "just the tip" of the iceberg because every time we have sex, it is exponentially more spiritual, emotional, and physically sensational. I am convinced, if they taught this in sex-ed, there would be no more wars. "

- Rebecca
"I could close multimillion dollar deals, but I did not truly LOVE what was looking back at me in the mirror.

Man on Fire helps me to accept my powerful masculinity, all aspects of my character traits and the freedom to express my intimacy with love and compassion.

Man on Fire helps me release this beautiful, powerful, enormous lion that stands beside me today.

Through Sarrah’s program, I now possess a tremendous capacity to introduce my truth, everything as to who I am, into my life - I now feel whole.

- Craig
"I joined MoF to gain sexual confidence. I’d heard countless times from my wife ‘I want more intimacy,” but I didn’t know how to give her that. In MoF, to be honest I’ve learned how to be a better man. Everything about the program is so fucking deep. Things I’ve never heard of - polarity, holding space for women emotionally. I wish I would have had this while I was married. I don’t think that I was a man who created spaces for women to express themselves physically and emotionally. Now I’m a lot better than I was."
- Adrian
"What has opened up for me, and her, through all I’ve learned here, is better than I thought possible."
- Shaun
"My life would have been a lot better if I had known about these techniques and approached women with them. Having sex with a woman and not ejaculating is actually tremendously healing."
- Sam
"I came to this program because I have a huge fear of intimacy and sexual shame and I want to handle those issues, but there is a lot more to be gained from this. If it is this wild in the beginning I can only imagine where it goes from here with a deeper understanding. "
- Rocky
"We also live in a society with repressed emotions - we like to simplify things. Tantric practices has helped me process all my emotions and enabled me to become a stronger, healthier balanced adult."
- Sachin
"Win: I was finishing my therapy session earlier today and my therapist basically said "Holy shit, you have changed in the past 4 weeks!’ - of course she knows I’m in the Man on Fire program and she’s amazed at how all the work we collectively are putting in is helping me get to know more about my inner self! Thank you! ️"
- Rocha
"Worked immediately and with time and effort I began to feel the power and potential of tantric activation I thought was out of reach for someone like me in a sexless marriage and 55 years old at the time. I regained confidence as I overcame symptoms of ED and PE.

I started laughing and smiling more, I slept better, had more vitality (aka had full body orgasms again!), dove into my business ventures, showed up for my family (regardless of our struggles) and found myself stepping out of my protective shell and back into life."
- David


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