What makes Sarrah Rose and her Tantric Activation practice so unforgettable?
Our clients can clue you in.


Sarrah Rose is the real deal.

She embodies the energy of a warrior that is here on earth to hold the space for others, as we shift into the new paradigm as a civilization.

A few highlights of what makes Sarrah a great tantra teacher:

1. She practices everything she teaches every day and is able to share her experience objectively.
She has great clarity about what part of the practices make sense to her and resonates with her and what does not, instead of blindly following the tantric teachings.

2. She shows up as a student of life for life.
This is one of the most important virtues of being an excellent teacher. It shows that she is always learning new things and is open to other’s perspectives irrespective of how new we might be as her students to the world of spiritual development.

3. She is very respectful of her and our personal space regardless of how uninhibited she may be in her sexual practices.
The most important thing I learned from her is the value of remaining “playful” every day.

– Sarah Jabeen

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