Sarrah Rose is the real deal.
She embodies the energy of a warrior that is here on earth to hold the space for others, as we shift into the new paradigm as a civilization.

A few highlights of what makes Sarrah a great tantra teacher:

1. She practices everything she teaches every day and is able to share her experience objectively.
She has great clarity about what part of the practices make sense to her and resonates with her and what does not, instead of blindly following the tantric teachings.

2. She shows up as a student of life for life.
This is one of the most important virtues of being an excellent teacher. It shows that she is always learning new things and is open to other’s perspectives irrespective of how new we might be as her students to the world of spiritual development.

3. She is very respectful of her and our personal space regardless of how uninhibited she may be in her sexual practices.
The most important thing I learned from her is the value of remaining “playful” every day.

– Sarah Jabeen


“Sarrah is a true beam of shining light. She has a passion for healing and teaching that she shares selflessly with others. During a Tantric group session, she was able to guide me gently into my inner core where I was able to explore my true self with compassion and love. Sarrah embraces life to the fullest, with love, serenity and a sense of humor. It has been my great honor to know Sarrah and I am a better person for it. Peace.”

– Alonso Bean


“Sarrah has a way of being with her humanity and sexuality, that allows me the space to be with and explore my own sexuality. Her willingness to get back to our primal sexual roots actually leads to our conscious evolution as human beings.”

– Case Erickson


“Could you please create ball caps with your logo and hand them out to Sex Stallion graduates? Met one and played around and it was luscious so if I could identify them from afar – that would be super sweet. Black would be cute but hot pink would let me spot them waaaay in the distance.

Don’t ever stop what you’re doing. You are making a difference that echoes way beyond what you can see.”

– Maggie Conway

I have known Sarrah for several years now. Over that time we have had many fascinating, in-depth and illuminating conversations about love, sex, and relationships. I’m continually impressed by not only her deep knowledge and experience but also her willingness and enthusiasm to continue to learn and explore. Her understanding that every person comes from different experiences and backgrounds is key when it comes to her amazing talent of helping people learn & understand more about themselves. She has an open mind and facilitates open discussions.

– Michael Healy


“It’s fascinating how since taking Sex Stallion Training, these strong women now either want me to move in or I get proposals of marriage…I also find it fascinating that we all starve for intimacy when the impression is that it’s all around us. We truly seek and want to connect with Presence.”

– CJ Peters

I made the fortunate decision to take Sarrah’s Tantra class. I learned so much and gained many invaluable skills that have helped me to identify and then break free of some areas that I have been struggling with repeatedly in life. The strategies and exercises they taught helped me to identify and face both my fears and deepest desires, and the breathing and other tantric exercises she explained and led us through helped turn me on to areas of my consciousness and true self that I wasn’t previously even aware of. Sarrah has a very authentic and unique teaching style. She was always ready and willing to answer questions and redemonstrate lessons/exercises until our whole class was comfortable. You can tell she has many years of knowledge and wisdom, and I’m truly thankful she is out there not only out there living her truth but passing it on to others as well. I would highly recommend Sarrah (as well as her Tantra class and practices) to anyone who is actively trying to better their lives and grow towards their potential!

– Jim Notte

Sarrah is flourishing love. I love the authentic, focused and at the same time laidback way that she holds space. Sarrah has walked a long intentional path with integrity and you can feel it. She is able to combine the sensual human beingness with sacred humbleness, and share the fun! Thank you, Sarrah for guiding us to get in touch with ourselves on all levels. May you be successful on your journey empowering people all over the globe!

– Hanspreet Kaur


Sarrah is an Incarnated Angel. She is a truly gifted healer, passionate about being an agent for positive change in the world. Overcoming her own tremendous adversity in life, Sarrah finds it easy to authentically connect with other individuals in a way that enables them to see beyond their current limitations to see their full potential. Immediately upon meeting Sarrah, I knew she was special. She walks her talk and inspires her clients to experience life to the fullest through empowered sexuality, connection with Spirit, and an overall appreciation for the beauty that’s abundant in the world.

– Trey Logan

When I began my 10-week coaching session with Sarrah, my sexual center had completely shut down. I am a 27-year old male and it had gotten to the point where I could not get aroused and my naughty bits were numb and shrunken all the time.

Sarrah has an inviting and non-judgmental demeanor that makes it possible to open up about anything. During our sessions I opened up to her about things that I had never even opened up to myself about. In each session she would delve into my psyche and fish out the backstories and limiting beliefs I held onto, as well as take me through a meditation/energy session to activate and restore whatever area we were working with that day. She also prescribes her own guided meditation content for weekly homework for you to do in between weekly sessions. These exercises build your connection with your own body and soul.

I remember how incredibly difficult some of the exercises were at first; all sensations related to the D had essentially left my being and I was very demoralized and depressed about it. However, following her exercises and advice I was able to gradually make progress and restore feeling down there, as well as develop a voracious libido.

If you work with Sarrah, know that you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. You will probably realize things about yourself you never knew. You will have to face things about yourself that you don’t want to, so that you can bust through blocks and balance your energy system. Only work with her if you are ready to embrace the discomfort and pain and transform yourself. I lost count of the amount of times she had me bawling on our Zoom calls.

She always handled herself with professionalism and grace, although sometimes I think she enjoys exposing client’s pain points a little too much hahaha.

Thank you Sarrah, it was a pleasure to work with you and the sexual experiences I have had since finishing the coaching program have been better than anything I have had before. Arousal is no problem at all, I can last as long as I want, and after getting comfortable with the breathing exercises and the energy flows, I’ve been told that my downstairs situation is bigger all the time; what guy doesn’t want to hear that?

I sing your praises to anyone who will listen. You rock! Much love.

– Max

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