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Hi, I’m Sarrah Rose,

And I’m here to help you experience sex that obliterates your old sense of self, that makes you feel alive, vibrant, and full of love, melting you into a sea of belonging where you feel part of something so profound it expands your perception of who you are.

Sex that leaves your body in bliss for hours and orgasms that unleash emotions pouring from your heart with tears flooding from your soul is not the stuff of tantric fairytales.

All of this and much more is possible for you. Yes, even YOU. (I’m looking at you babe, thinking this kind of sex is only possible for tantric goddesses.)

For the past 19+ years, I’ve been my own best guinea pig, exploring the systems and energetics of yoga, tantra, breathwork, somatic experiencing, and many other holistic and sacred practices.

I’m also a total book nerd. Science is my guilty pleasure. Some people binge Netflix, I binge science, personal dev, and all things spirituality.

My mission is to share all this knowledge with you, so you can elevate your love life from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG, I need this every night!’ Let’s rise above our old, tired, collective shame and guilt, transmuting it into delicious pleasure and abundant love. This way, you can choose to feel seen, adored, and cared for as the queen that you are.

Let’s get to know each other better!

Want to make pleasure your true north?

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